Security reasons: How to unlock a Twitter account

Security reasons: How to unlock a Twitter account



Is your Twitter account locked? How will you come to know that your account has been locked?


When you log in to your Twitter account and see a message that your account has been locked for security purposes, this means that your account has been detected for suspicious behavior and it appears as though your account may have been compromised.


However, there is nothing to get worried or tensed as you can get your account unlocked as well.


As per the information provided by Twitter, in order to unlock your account, you can secure it by changing your password now.


If you have an email address associated with your account, then Twitter also sends instructions to that address.


Twitter can also lock your account if your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior that violates its rules.

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In such situations Twitter can lock your account and request that you confirm you are the valid owner of the account.



How to unlock your Twitter account?

1. Log in to your account.

2. Look for the message letting you know your account has been locked.

3. Click or tap Start.

4. Enter your phone number. You can note that this phone number will be associated with your account.

5. Twitter will send you a text message, or you will receive a phone call, with a verification code. It may take a few minutes for the code to be delivered to your phone.

Once you enter the verification code, click or tap Submit to unlock your account.


If your account has been limited because it may have violated the Twitter Rules, you can still browse Twitter, but while in this state, you can only send Direct Messages to your followers.


You will not be able to engage in actions such as Tweeting, Retweeting, or liking, and only your followers can see your past Tweets.


In such a situation, Twitter may ask you to complete certain actions including verifying your email address, adding a phone number to your account, or deleting Tweets that are in violation of our rules.


To restore your account, log in and look for the message letting you know that your account has been temporarily limited to some of your account features.


Click or tap Start and follow the instructions to complete the requested actions.


It should be noted that repeated violations of the Twitter rules may lead to permanent suspension.

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