Senate adjourns plenary till June 22

Senate adjourns plenary till June 22

The Senate has adjourned the plenary to June 22 to review its Legislative Agenda.

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, announced this after a special session to mark the ninth Senate’s second anniversary on Wednesday, June 9.

He said that the break was to afford lawmakers an opportunity to engage with their constituents.

“This is so that we come back with new things that we need to add.

“We have to review our Legislative Agenda; we need to review the Legislative agenda because this is two years, there are definitely new things that have come into the arena that was not reflected in the Legislative Agenda.

“When we adjourn we adjourn to go to our constituencies; maybe do similar things; listen to our people or at least inform them on what we have been able to do; our challenges, our next issues that we will want to achieve.”

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Lawan also announced that on Thursday (June 10) appropriate leadership of some of the senate committees would visit the largest IDP camp in the FCT as part of activities for the second anniversary.

“We will present our support; our token; and also essential to identify with those people who have been displaced; the sufferings of Nigerians, it is very important that we engage with the people who are in the most difficult situation to give them hope.

“This is because that is what they need in addition to work harder; to make sure they go back to their various communities.

“While on Friday, we will hold a press briefing to brief Nigerians on what the Senate has done in the last two years; and take some questions from our media.

“On Saturday, we have arranged to identify with our armed forces. We will visit the military hospital in Kaduna; where many of our military personnel were injured in the fight against insurgents or banditry.

“We must identify with our military; we must provide resources within our limit to this set of people who give their life in order to make us alive; to keep this country safe; to keep Nigeria one.

“We are expecting the supplementary budget to be presented purposely; to ensure that we provide some resources for our military immediately,” Lawan said.

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