Senate pledges to discuss Electoral Amendment Bill for assent

Senate pledges to discuss Electoral Amendment Bill for assent

The Senate has assured that it will look into the Electoral Act 2010 Amendment Bill that President Muhammadu Buhari last year refused to assent to it after the Senate and the House of Representatives passed the bill.

This was contained in a welcome address issued by the President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan on Tuesday, January 18.

Lawan said, “the Senate postponed discussions on the consideration of the response of Mr President on the Electoral Act 2010 Amendment Bill to enable us consult with our counter parts in the House of Representatives and also consult with our Constituents. Like we all know, the Senate and indeed the National Assembly worked so hard on the Bill. Having consulted, the Senate will expeditiously look into the issue.”

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Lawan has taken a swipe at the country, saying that with the funding of the 2022 Budget that is presently predicated on significant borrowing.

“We have to construct and provide infrastructure; in all parts of our country because infrastructure is needed for our nation to develop.

“However, we do not generate enough revenues to fund the provision of such infrastructure. Until more revenues are generated, the country has to borrow and also resort to other sources of funding our infrastructural development. But we cannot continue to borrow endlessly. It is imperative that we need to improve on the revenue to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio. At about 8% Revenue to GDP ratio, our country is basically at 50% of what is required of the revenue to GDP of 15% for it to support any significant economic development.

“Distinguished Colleagues, the Senate will develop a strategy of engagement with revenue-generating agencies; on how to make them achieve their targets and generate more revenues in 2022. The Senate will ensure that we boost their revenue-generating drive; with a view to reducing borrowing for the development of our much-needed infrastructure. This is a major challenge for our development; and we need to treat as such.

The President of the Senate who has reiterated his worry over the security challenges in the country; urged the Federal government, the Security agencies and other Nigerians to ensure that this year becomes the final; in securing the country from the numerous security challenges.

Lawan said, “the Security situation in our country is still dire. We must remain focused and determined to work with the Executive arm of government; and also continue to support our armed forces and security agencies. We must continue to prioritize the Security and welfare of our citizens; as enshrined in your constitution nor despair.”




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