September: What to really remember – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

September: What to really remember – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

This month has been really interesting. People are tagging it as “A September to remember”. If you are into celebrity (or you pretend not to be like me); then food was served well well this month.


If I am not mistaken, it started with Anne P-Square filing for divorce from Paul Rude Boy of P-Square. That kind of blindsided those of us that know nothing about them. Conversations were flying everywhere. The gist was miniscule from the couple but a lot of gossip found its way to social media.


Things really took off with the Tuface/Anne Idibia wahala. That quickly entered NeduWazobiafim/Hazel drama. Should I expatiate? If you don’t know these stories, biko you are not into celebrity scandal gist.

Okay, because you are here already, I will just brief you.

Anne Idibia posted some things that said all was not well in her home. She accused one of Tuface’s baby mama of interfering in their marriage. Some family members contributed to a back and forth of many accusations.

Nedu Wazobia

Then Hazel, Nedu Wazobia FM’s wife, accused him of being a deadbeat father. He then responded with receipts alleging their son wasn’t his. She then began to ask him to pay her rent and he was alleged to have said he had been granted custody of the children. Hazel seemed bent on riding this 10 minutes of fame by granting a TV interview. She was quickly shut up by a petition to the police.

Oh, I forgot to mention Anne Idibia’s recording; alleging that Tuface had snuck off to America leaving her behind, also surfaced.


Then Tega and Boma in the Big Brother House got sexual to the disgust of the whole country. Subsequently, they were kicked out of the show. Tega cried and tried to do damage control and Boma apologized. Boma became the most despised man in Nigeria for shamelessly going on with a married woman. Tega’s husband collected ‘simp of the year’ for being so untypical in his reaction to all that had happened.

A complete shit-show.

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But we love the shit. I don’t know why celebrity lives are so fascinating. Let me try and guess. They seem to be living the lives that we all want. They are rich (maybe) and popular and that is what a lot of people strive to be. So, when we see that their lives are basically like ours, we can’t stop talking about them.

We know technically that fame and riches do not shield people from pain and drama. The proverbial rich-also-cry situation. But because we are all striving for money daily; we keep thinking that more of it will make everything better.

Tonto Dikeh

Also in September, Tonto Dike and her Prince have kept the blogs busy. Claims and counter claims. Mud flung and mud flung back. Court suits and counter-suits. And somehow in the middle of this all, Churchill (Tonto’s ex) and his former sister-turned-wife did their baby dedication.


Meanwhile, also in September, Bobrisky kept throwing shade at Tonto in the midst of her troubles; not knowing that her/his day of reckoning was not far away. Overnight, Oye, Bobrisky’s former PA alleged that Mompha was Bob’s boyfriend.


Both Mompha and Bobrisky have been eager to quell this gist. They quickly granted interviews debunking the rumour and Mompha threatened to sue Oye. It is still a developing story.

I intentionally skipped mentioning the huge allegations against a media personality that also surfaced this week. It involved state governors and the crème de la crème of the political scene in Nigeria. I am skipping it because I am wise. It is above my pay grade to comment on a story of this magnitude. I no even call any name. I try abi?

So, September might have been entertaining for those of us that are not in the spotlight. But we must all be cautious.

I coined just a few points of what we need to really take from the happenings of this month.

  1. Social media is not a good place to air on-going personal drama unless you are looking for liberators. I mean, if a crime has been committed against you and you cannot afford redress, SM can help. If not, solve your issues personally. You may be trying to hurt someone by going public. But you will definitely also hurt yourself.  It isn’t worth it.
  1. You are not immune to the problems of life. No one is. Nothing protects you from heartbreak. There is no life guarantee from drama. Do not idolize people. Find the things to appreciate in your life. Money is not everything.
  1. You don’t have to throw stones to have stones thrown at you. You can be on your own, minding your business; drinking water and facing your hustle and a stray bullet will cut you down. You don’t have to find quarrel to find yourself in a conflict. Know this and accept this. You can do everything you need to do and still find yourself inside wahala.
  1. Envy is real. There are people that will hate you just because… They will gleefully discuss your problems; and there is nothing that you can say that will make them change their mind. It sucks but it doesn’t matter that much. Don’t bother trying to make everyone like you. It is impossible. Haters are a part of life. Don’t bank on so-called followers. Na only gist we come find.
  1. All this gist involves real lives that are hurt and damaged by social media brouhaha. What we onlookers can do is to be circumspect about all the stories that come out. We do not know the truth. We do not know who the people involved really are. Also, we may talk about it but it would be good if we could minimize viciousness. Give everyone the benefit of doubt when you read anything.

It isn’t really our business sef. In fact, I am resigning from following celebrity gist; just so that I can give them privacy.

(just kidding)

Have a lovely week, guys.

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