Seun Kuti condemns toxic masculinity

Seun Kuti condemns toxic masculinity

Seun Kuti has admonished Africans to desist from the practice of toxic masculinity.


Seun Kuti has lashed out at African men who hold on to popular proverba woman’s place is in the kitchen.


The singer who affirmed that the proverb originated from Europe, admonished African men to stop attaching their toxic masculinity to African culture. He added that real Africans elevate feminine form.


Seun Kuti wrote;


“A woman’s place is in the kitchen?

Which kitchen? Whose kitchen?

Not our ancestors’ kitchen!

This proverb is European without any equivalent in any African language.

So before you start attaching your toxic masculinity to African culture ask yourself this, do I know African culture?

As an African what cultural practices of African heritage do I engage in? Religion education liberation?

If the answer is none, how come u want to suddenly become African to subjugate and oppress your woman? Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks.

You are either African or u aren’t, there is no picking and choosing especially when you want to dump ur toxic self on our women. REAL AFRICANS ELEVATE THE FEMININE FORM”


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Read the post below.



Earlier in the year, Seun Kuti made a case for same-sex marriage in Nigeria. He noted that they should have the right to freedom of sexuality.


Read what he said in the video;

“I don’t see any difference between gay rights and human rights.

The future of gay people in Africa is also tied to the future of black people in Africa in general.”



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