Seun Kuti denies pulling gun on journalist

Seun Kuti denies pulling gun on journalist

Nigerian singer-songwriter and saxophonist, Seun Kuti has reacted to the allegation that he pulled a gun during a melee over parking space at his area of residence in Ikeja, Lagos state on Saturday, December 12.


Earlier, 1st News reported that journalist, Temitayo Ayetoto, via her Twitter handle, alleged that the singer had a brawl with some party-goers who attended a party that took place along his street in Ikeja.


She alleged that during Seun’s faceoff with the party-goers, he pulled a gun at them.


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Seun Kuti has now taken to his Instagram page to state his own side of what happened.


According to Seun, the party-goers parked indiscriminately on his street, making life unbearable for him and his neighbours.


He said the party started at about 9.30 am with loud music, disturbing the peace of his neighbourhood. The singer said he decided to leave his house at about 7.30 pm only for him to discover that one of the party-goers had used their car to block his gate.


He said things turned chaotic when one of the bouncers at the party threatened his life because he spoke against the way the guests parked their cars.


Seun said he and his neighbors attacked the bouncer and ensured they beat him, disfigured his face, and tore his clothes.

”Their bouncer came to meet me and threatened my life.

He threatened my f**king life.

He said ‘no be you be Seun Kuti?

Me I dey come Shrine well well.

I go come Shrine come find you. I go treat your f**kup’. 

Seun continued;


“I should let him go so he would come and kill me? So I said you will kill me? You will treat my f**kup? 

That is when the fight started. And we didn’t need to pull guns on anybody because we beat them with our bare hands, burst all their nose, tore all their uniform. 

Yes there were gunshots because men dey. Men dey! This is f**king Allen fam! You want to try rubbush. I didn’t come to your hood. You want to try rubbish and gunshot wouldn’t sound?’‘ he said.


Watch the video below.




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