Sex in the office: The official pleasure

Sex in the office: The official pleasure

That colleagues have relationships in the workplace is not shocking.

As a matter of fact, some of these relationships lead to happy marriages.


Sex in the office?


That also happens, and people have been caught in the act on CCTV or by a stray janitor.

Admit it: The idea of having sex at work sounds pretty awesome.

There’s certainly no shortage of people doing it.

An American survey found that 54 per cent of those interviewed had screwed a colleague and that almost half of those encounters took place on work property.

Ninety per cent admitted to being sexually attracted to a colleague, while 64 per cent dream of taking someone from their office to bed with them.

When it comes down to doing the deed, only 54 per cent had actual sex with a colleague, of which 55 per cent had done it not with just one, but several office mates.


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The survey seems to suggest the encounters were more likely to be one-night stands as only 18 per cent said their sex with co-workers was frequent.

Whilst some may question how wise it may be to sleep with someone you work with, especially if things take a turn for the worse, the good thing is most workers (86 per cent) avoid having sex with the boss.

Similarly, 35 per cent of bosses admitted to having sex with someone lower down the company hierarchy. Almost half of the encounters took place on office premises.

Nearly three-quarters of those who took part in the survey insisted the relationship had no impact on their productivity and 84 per cent said it did not affect their careers.

In further confirmation of the liberal outlook towards having sex, 90.5 per cent of the respondents were actually glad to have sex with their co-workers.

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