Sex romp: When men slump after action – Peju Akande

Sex romp: When men slump after action – Peju Akande



I was in my first year in the university when I heard the story of a family friend; an elderly man, who was said to have died after a sex romp; in the home of one of his younger mistresses. I remember the person who told us the story laughed every time he demonstrated the manner in which the man was found.



Was it a case of magun? (You know the one when a man laces his wife with fetish things; all in an attempt to prevent other men from sleeping with her?) I can’t quite recollect. But the bottom line was that the man died. Stark naked in a house not his own and with a woman not his wife.



The whole neighborhood had gathered to watch the spectacle. He was said to have been foaming in the mouth; though a few kindhearted people tried to revive him to no avail. At that time, too, the gist about town was that the so called mistress became attractive to other men; who, I think, looking back now, felt they must conquer! Like she was a horse they must break. If one man died on top of her, they would go and live to tell the story.



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Sex romp: When men slump after action - Peju Akande



You would think they would be repulsed by her. No. Fom what I heard, she couldn’t even handle the number of sexual demands that came her way afterwards.



The recent video of a man who died after a sex romp with a much younger runs girl; was posted on one of the groups I belong.



First off, my sympathies goes to the man’s family. I don’t think any one grieving for the loss of a loved one should have to deal with other people mocking their dead; no matter what.
However, a lesson must be learnt here.



Last year, a similar story was reported in the dailies. This particular one was about a man who died in the home of his girlfriend. This was a man who had three wives at home. Makes one wonder why he would leave three wives and expire over a girlfriend.




Sex romp: When men slump after action - Peju Akande



Which brings me to the question. Why are Nigerian men dying during or after the so called ‘marathon sex’ or sex romp?



Simple answer. They want to impress!



Sex romp: When men slump after action - Peju Akande




That’s the only reason. Nothing makes a man, a Nigerian man, feel in control; other than the fact that he can ‘service’ his mistress/wife/ side chick…Also, nothing makes a man feel emasculated much more than the fact that; he can’t get his ‘member’ to rise to the occasion.



A man feels defined by how well his ‘member’ works. When the ‘work’ is in question, he would do a few things to correct it.




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That’s why aphrodisiacs or sex enhancing drugs thrive.


Go to the motor parks, clubs, hotels…There will always be some character selling performance enhancing drugs. The older a man gets, the more difficult it gets to sustain an erection.



As doctors have affirmed, age weakens the muscles. Subsequently, sustaining an erection becomes a feat. Therefore, many rely on these drugs to perk up their game for a potential sex romp.



And the older men are not alone. Word out there is that young men are also using these drugs. They come in all forms of colours and packs; tablets, capsules, herbals, even chewing sticks, name it. If it can enhance sexual prowess and make the user engage in hours of sex romp; it can be consumed regardless of the health risks it poses to the user.



Consequently, a lot of men who already have health issues like high blood pressure; or any of the cardiovascular diseases that often set in from age 40, unknowingly expose themselves to danger.




A few men I spoke to attest to this. A friend told me once what his greatest fear was…The day he would never be able to ‘perform’ on his wife.



Sex romp: When men slump after action - Peju Akande




I was shocked.



‘Surely, there is more to a relationship than sex?’



He didn’t think so.



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If we find it understandable that men of a certain age need help in that area; what of younger men who are also known to consume these drugs? What’s their excuse?



They want to ‘shift wombs’



Meaning; engage in long sexual exercises that can literally shift their ‘victims’ wombs. As a matter of fact, they use these drugs to delay ejaculation. Equally important, all of these are done to impress the girls/women/side chick…



Well, here’s hoping our men will take more caution when they ingest these drugs. No body ever got a trophy for excellent bedroom performance…just saying.

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