Sex workers unveil their partners on Twitter

Sex workers unveil their partners on Twitter

On Saturday, August 8, a thread was established on the micro-blogging site, Twitter; for sex workers to unveil their partners and the duration of their relationships.


The sex workers were predominantly women who are in various types of relationships- both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.


Specifically, this Twitter thread was designed to show that sex workers can still find love; despite the nature of their job. Their job requires them to provide kinky services for people so as to make ends meet.


Specifically, a sex worker is a person who is employed in the sex industry.


Taking to the social media platform, the renowned sex worker, Hoochie Mama propagated the thread. She shared a photo of herself and her partner on Twitter. Thereafter, she revealed that they have been dating for two years.


Further, she also encouraged other sex workers to share pictures with their partners and disclose how long they have been together.




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One sex worker who posted a picture with her boyfriend of five years revealed that he is also into the same line of business with her.


Here is what Hoochie Mama wrote on Twitter;


“If you’re sex worker who’s in a loving relationship, drop a picture and how long y’all been together.


”I’m tryna see sumn. i’ll start! we been together 2 years!”




Moments after the tweet surfaced on Twitter, numerous women in that industry joined the thread and began to share photos of themselves and their partners.


1st News has garnered a handful of tweets from sex workers and their supportive partners on the micro-blogging site. Read them below.











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