Seyi Shay: I am pressured to get married

Seyi Shay: I am pressured to get married

Nigerian recording artiste, Seyi Shay has revealed in a recent interview that she is being pressured to get married and have kids.


According to the singer-songwriter, her fans want her to settle down and start a family.


In a chat with HipTV, the PemPe singer noted that her fans also pressure her to release more raunchy photos on social media.


She said;

I feel pressure from my fans to get married, have babies, have a boyfriend; that is all before the pressure to release a new single sometimes.

That is really crazy.

Pressure to show some more butt pictures.

The pressure is high, but it is good.”



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Speaking further on how she handles the pressure, the singer, who doubles as a judge on the TV talent hunt show, Nigerian Idol, noted that it keeps her ‘gingered.


“It is part of what keeps me gingered as well. I don’t burn myself out and I do not overdo things,” Seyi Shay said.


She added;

“I have a lot of music because I am always recording.

Throughout the whole pandemic, I moved the studio to my house and I was recording with my guys.

I did not want to release just anything because I put a lot of thought before I release music out.

“I do not just put music out because somebody is putting music out; and I will feel like I will be left behind if I don’t. I never do that.”

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