Shan George recounts how she was stoned, driven out of market place

Shan George recounts how she was stoned, driven out of market place

In a recent interview, Nollywood actress, Shan George has narrated how she almost lynched to death in the market place due to a movie role.


Shan George, who was recently appointed Chairman, Callywood Board by the Cross River State governor, recounts how she was stoned with tomatoes by market women over a movie role.


The actress, in a chat, with a correspondent, opened up on how being an actor has made lifeless easy, as she recounted her bitter experience with market women.



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Speaking about her experience, Shan George said;


Some people who have watched movies where you played a witch or prostitute tend to see you the same way in real life and look at you somehow.

Market women who sell tomatoes have stoned me.

They stoned me tomatoes because there was a movie, Rest In Peace, where I played a character that deceived her girlfriend to the village and drowned her in the river, and then returned to town pretending nothing had happened.

That was because my character wanted the guy my friend was dating.

So many people watched the movie.

Another downside is that people think you have money because they see you in big houses, drive big cars in movies, so when they see you in real life, they expect you to be that wealthy, and start dashing them money.”



In the latter part of the interview, the veteran actress spoke about her two different marriages.


She shared how she has been able to overcome the stigmatization and harsh judgement from her fans.


I’ve not been married thrice; it’s just twice.

It’s not that I care about things we read on the Internet, but the truth is I’ve been married twice in my life.

Those who know me know the truth.

I have a total of nine children, two biological sons and seven adopted children (5 boys, 2 girls).

My biological sons are from my first marriage contracted when I was 16.

I didn’t have kids in my second marriage.

But as an only child, I needed a full house, so I kept adopting kids.”


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