Shark attack in Egypt kills a Russian citizen

Shark attack in Egypt kills a Russian citizen

Following a fatal shark attack that claimed the life of a Russian person on Thursday, Egyptian authorities have prohibited swimming near a beach at an Egyptian Red Sea resort.

The tragedy happened in Hurghada, a well-known tourist destination on Egypt’s eastern coast.

According to Russian Consul-General Viktor Voropayev, a Russian citizen who was born in 1999 “died as a result of a shark attack”.

Voropayev added, “Egypt’s competent authorities have confirmed this.

According to a statement issued by Egypt’s Environment Ministry, Mrs. Yasmine Fouad, the country’s minister of the environment, directed a commission to look into the event.

She also directed local authorities to implement the “highest levels of safety for those who go to the beaches of the Red Sea, and to take all possible measures to avoid a recurrence of the shark attack incident again,” the statement said.

A specialized crew was able to capture the “Tiger shark” that caused the event, which was then examined to determine whether it was the same fish that had caused other mishaps and to determine any potential causes of the attack.

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Beginning on Friday, the Environment Ministry imposed a two-day ban on swimming, snorkeling, and all other water sports in the region between Gouna, to the north of Hurghada, and Soma Bay, to the south.

In the Egyptian Red Sea, there have been a number of similar instances during the previous several years.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, two ladies perished in shark attacks in the Red Sea off Hurghada in 2022.

“In 2020, a Ukrainian boy lost an arm, and an Egyptian tour guide lost a leg in a shark attack. In 2018, a shark killed a Czech tourist off a Red Sea beach,” according to the state-run Al-Ahram Online newspaper.

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