Shehu Sani advises writing North-South zoning in constitution

Shehu Sani advises writing North-South zoning in constitution

Former senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani has stated that zoning must be written in the constitution to sustain Nigeria.

Specifically, Shehu Sani made this call during an interview on Channels Television on Friday, October 15.

Equally important, the former lawmaker stated that the principles of fairness and equity must be incorporated in the constitution. Notably, he added that this is to ensure that no part of the country dominates another.

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He said, “I think to solve this problem, this needs to be clearly stated in our constitution…It should be written in the language that there would be no interpretation whether it is Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, and Ijaw.

“If the presidency is in the north for eight years, it should be in the south for eight years so that there will be no need for a lawyer or legal luminary to explain this thing to us.

“If we are going to sustain this country; we need equity, justice, fairness, and fair play and ensure that one part of the country does not dominate power for a long time.

Shehu Sani

“But it cannot be done on the altar of threat and intimidation. These are issues that can be resolved between the political elites in the north; as well as the south on a table for the unity and peace of Nigeria.”

Further, Shehu Sani stated the need to elect competent leaders irrespective of their zones.

He said, “Well, we can have both. All parts of Nigeria are blessed with competent leaders that can stir the ship of the Nigerian state for progress,

“But as far as I’m concerned, I come from the part of the country that is virtually under the siege of terrorists and bandits. In fact, as I’m speaking to you now, it is difficult for me to move one kilometre outside of my own city; without getting into the hands of terrorists.

“For me and my people, I believe that whoever is going to lead this country and provide security; protect our people, guarantee the safety of our people and family, we will welcome him.

“But if we look at the problems we face as a country today; the separatist agitation, the nepotism, the crises, the violence, and bloodshed; I think the rotation of power will address a number of issues,” he added.

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