Side effects of using cosmetics

Side effects of using cosmetics





Makeup has become a necessity for most women and they believe that they cannot step out of the house without at least five different kinds of cosmetic products.


The cosmetics market has bloomed to such an extent that not only are there different cosmetics for every kind of body part, there are different ones for different seasons too! But before makeup is marketed to us, it is tested on animals.


Do you ever wonder why is it so? Because the cosmetics we trust to make us beautiful are actually full of so many harmful chemicals. And despite the fact that these cosmetics make us look good temporarily, in the end they are going to leave an ugly effect.




Side effects of using cosmetics



Here are some of the most common side effects of the cosmetics that you apply without a second thought:



Lipstick can cause lead poisoning



Side effects of using cosmetics


Lipstick dries the moisture out of your lips and some of them contain oils and chemicals that can damage you lips.

It is made out of some very harmful content including lead and mineral oil. Lead ingestion can lead to possible brain damage and behavior abnormalities.

Although, on an average, the lead content in a lipstick is safe, considering the fact that most users apply lipstick for over ten times a day, there are certain long term side effects that are a result of it.

Lead ingestion could lead to poor muscle coordination, increased blood pressure, hearing and vision impairment and other alarming neural damages.

The mineral oil forms a nonporous sheen on your lips and can block skin cell development and proper functioning.



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Skin allergies

Cosmetics such as deodorants and antiperspirants contain alcohol and can cause redness and irritation, and itching which may eventually lead to pigmentation of skin.

They also block your sweat glands and can lead to conditions like contact dermatitis and allergies. An allergic reaction to fairness creams or sunscreens can lead to permanent discoloration of the skin or even severe damages.

From rashes to inflammation, the wrong kind of cosmetic that is not compatible with your skin type can have a deep rooted impact on your skin.



Damage to reproductive organs

Certain cosmetics such as bubble baths, or oils can affect your reproductive organs and even lead to infertility. Talcum powder, if inhaled can travel to your reproductive system and can affect the menstrual cycles leading to other imbalances.

Chemicals such a phthalates and parabens, used widely in cosmetics can disrupt reproductive hormones and hold potential risks to reproductive and thyroid systems.

Cosmetics such as shower gels can lead to vaginal infections or even prostrate and ovarian cancer if brought in direct contact to your organs and if they are of a bad quality.



Can lead to lung diseases

Chemicals that are used in cosmetics are often breathed in, especially from fragrances or powders and they could lead to damaging of the lung tissues.


Heavy makeup often triggers conditions of the lungs if inhaled.


The chemical ingredients in talcum powder, such as silicates talc causes allergies and infections of the lungs. Powder based cosmetics are breathed in and can settled inside our lung tissues, they can also travel through our reproductive systems, causing undoable damages.


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Cosmetics can cause cancer



Side effects of using cosmetics


The most threatening side effects of excessive use of cosmetics is skin cancer. Lipstick contains aluminum which may cause long term anemia and even glucose intolerance.


Many products contain chemicals like zinc oxide and barium sulphate which are toxic and can result in organ failure, especially that of the kidney and liver.


Cosmetics like body moisturizers can disturb the thyroid content of the body. Parabens, a preservative used heavily in cosmetics has been linked in researches to causes of cancer.

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