Signs of “Womansplainers”

Signs of “Womansplainers”





The opposite of mansplaining when a woman tries to belittle or shut down a man by gender shaming she is thus womansplaining.

The tendency of some women to mistakenly believe that they automatically know more about any given topic than does a man and who, consequently, proceed to explain to him- correctly or not- things that he already knows.


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Signs of “Womansplainers”

If you are a single man (especially one who sleeps around but doesn’t get into relationships), she will explain to you that you are actually a “sad man” who “needs“ to have a relationship with a woman.


If you are a single father, she will give you unsolicited advise on how to raise your kids and what’s considered “acceptable”. One of my acquaintances was womansplained about how it was “wrong” and “creepy” to share a bed with his own 9 year old daughter, despite the fact that he lived in a single bedroom apartment and the girl was afraid of sleeping alone. He told the woman to f**k off.


If you are a male victim of domestic abuse or rape, she will belittle your experiences and explain to you how women have it “much worse” and how women are the “real” victims.


If you express your opinions about what kind of women you are attracted to, she will call you a “misogynist” and tell you what kind of women you should be attracted to. Oh you prefer slim women? Too bad! You are required to find obese women attractive.

Look, I believe that made-up words like “womansplaining” and “mansplaining” don’t constitute something real. But if one side believes that “mansplaining” is real, then “womansplaining” should also be considered as a real thing.

So, do yourself a favor! Shut down “womensplainers”, because life is too short to deal with jerks.

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