Singer Timi Dakolo Writes Open Letters to Nigerian Pastors

Singer Timi Dakolo Writes Open Letters to Nigerian Pastors

Popular Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo has taken to his Instagram story to advise Nigerian pastors to appreciate choristers and other church workers.

Timi stated that it is important to celebrate the singers in the church and let them feel important. He suggested a worthwhile amount of money.

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Read what the singer shared on his Instagram page:

Dear elder and pastors,

You see those consistent church workers (choir members) that are always showing up for every church event, and making it a beautiful service, make their Christmas beautiful.

50k to 100k each this season won’t be a bad idea. Let them feel appreciated. Let them know their efforts towards the work of God is being noticed here on earth.”

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According to the singer, this is the appropriate season to show love and appreciate the effort of singers in church.

He also mentioned that he was a chorister and it seems he didn’t feel the love at the time which is the primary reason he is speaking out for the new generation of music makers in the house of God.

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