Single people: you don’t know what you are enjoying… – Ella Temisan

Single people: you don’t know what you are enjoying… – Ella Temisan



Single people seem to be among the lucky ones at the moment.



If you are a family of two and above, please, how are you coping? If you live with a roommate, how are you surviving in these times? Wow! What is going on?



I know the cost of living keeps rising. But I’ve been applying wisdom and it has been working.



I cook with the bare essentials now. Where I used to eat Titus fish, I now eat Kpanla. Where I used to cook only fresh Tomato Stew, I now cook Banga Soup. It goes well with Rice and Swallow, so it makes economic sense.






Even the Full Cream milk I used to drink has been dumped for the Instant and much cheaper version. I never even saw a difference between the two except in the price. Milk is milk.

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The way I’ve modelled my life as a single person, only me can live it. I am surviving perfectly fine on my own. It’s just that family people chose to bring me back to reality with an extended stay. That’s how this wahala started o.



I recently returned from a short visit to my Aunty’s place. Her kids, my cousins, decided they enjoyed my company so much that they wanted more time with me. So, they came over for a long visit. They thought we could have crazy fun, you know; away from the parents and their many rules.



I’m a nice person so, I thought hosting them would be easy. I must have been drunk on niceness.



Normally, I freeze just enough soup and stew in those takeaway plastic plates. I also stock groceries such that they won’t finish before month-end. I was not ready for guests at all!


These guys came and within a week; I had run out of soup, stew, drinking water and milk! Even my small stash of snacks was gone. I was buying N500 bread every morning. That’s the cost of a normal-sized loaf in my area. This means that I spent almost N3000 before one week ran out.



I and my sensible budgeting went quick into panic mode. Being single, the money I’ve been heavily budgeting is not for only me naw. My Mum still sees something small inside it. How did I think I could host anybody without proper planning and self-denial?



I went to the market for soup and stew things. Since I had increased the quantity to accommodate my cousins, the prices increased too. Come and see me shouting in the market like a crazy person. Soup that I was managing about N4500 to cook was now going to cost me over N11,000 to cook without orisirisi inside o. What of stew? Let’s not even go there. You know the cost of a paint of tomato now.


I’ve asked them to go back to their parent’s house please. They did me well when I went to stay with them but power pass power. Maybe in the future, I’ll be able to host them properly.


But for now, the status of my pocket is single.

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