Skin Care: Ways to add grapes to your diet

Skin Care: Ways to add grapes to your diet



Apart from the many benefits the fruit provides for overall health, grapes are ideal to be included in your skin care routine; all you have to do is – consume them regularly.



Those little fruit bulbs carry many health benefits that include the ability to improve your skin. The scorching heat  tends to make your skin oily, causing many skin issues like acne and skin allergies.

Eating a healthy diet replete with skin-friendly foods is one of the few ways to take care of your skin, naturally.


Grapes are the perfect food that you can choose for self-care.

Although, grapes are available throughout the year, you’ll find them in spades during the summer season. You can spot them in various colours – green, black, red and more.

Apart from the many benefits it provides for overall health, the fruit is ideal to be included in your skin care routine; all you have to do is – consume it regularly.

Your acne treatment ointment and other skin creams contain the compound ‘resveratrol’ because of its ability to kill acne-causing bacteria and slow down the signs of ageing. Guess what! This compound is naturally found in grapes!




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Ways To Add Grapes To Your Diet:


Grape Juice

The easiest way to increase the intake of fruits is by juicing them. This way, you can eat a larger amount of the fruit at once. Although, much fibre is lost, but it’s the perfect trick to consume grapes if you can’t bring yourself to eat them directly.



Skin Care: Ways to add grapes to your diet



Grape Smoothie

Is the tartness and sourness of grapes too much for you? Mute the flavours by adding milk, yogurt and honey to grapes, and blend them to make a sweet ‘n’ sour smoothie.


Grape Dessert

There are so many sweet desserts you can make with grapes as one of the ingredients. Pudding, sorbet, cake or  – there are many options you can explore



Breakfast Cereals

Whether you like cornflakes or oats porridge, you can always add grapes along with other fruits and nuts to make you morning meal full of health.

Attaining a beautiful skin can be a tough task, but it’s not impossible if you etch your way smartly. Add grapes to your diet to make it work from within.

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