Slumflower instigates controversy with ‘bring back the bush’ campaign

Slumflower instigates controversy with ‘bring back the bush’ campaign


Chidera Eggerua who is renowned by her pseudonym Slumflower has instigated controversy on social media after she shared a photo of her unshaved private part.


Slumflower who is the progenitor of the saggy boobs movement has revealed that women should be unapologetic for pubic hair. In her recent post, she is admonishing women not to ascertain with the ideologies imposed upon women. She is simply urging women to pick up themselves as well as wear their beauty unapologetically.


Further, Slumflower revealed that women should never feel guilty about growing hair on their skin.


She went on to reveal that she’s starting a bring back the bush campaign to tackle the stigma placed on women for keeping hairs. The aim and objective of the project are to make women feel confident.


See the photo.



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Taking to Instagram, here is what she wrote:


“Imagine how different the world would look if women weren’t taught to be afraid of our bodies.

Hair happens. It grows out of our skin like our nails do but for some reason, we are taught to hate our hair when it grows from our pubic region.

If you’re a woman, I know you can relate to me here on how the internalised messaging genuinely disrupts our sense of who we are when nobody is looking.

Over the past few months, I’ve silently undergone a journey of challenging myself to grow out my bush and let my beauty flourish.

I can’t wait to show you how I did it, the MENTAL challenges I’ve faced and the women I’ve encountered. Further, the way who are joining me in embracing their bushes.

My new documentary ‘Bring Back the Bush: Where Did All Our Pubic Hair Go?’ will be out on @channel4 next week Monday 27th, 10 pm.



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