Sorrento makes COVID-19 antibody that blocks infection

Sorrento makes COVID-19 antibody that blocks infection

The therapeutic company, Sorrento, has made a COVID-19 antibody that blocks 100% viral infection in the pre-clinical stage.

This was disclosed in its pre-clinical research; one which stated that it found an antibody that provides 100% reserve of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection if healthy cells after four days incubation. SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus 2), is the virus that causes the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The results are from a pre-clinical study that will still undergo a few reviews before it goes viral.

The research was done in an in-vitro (in Vitro studies are performed with microorganisms; cells; or biological molecules outside their normal biological context) laboratory study. It is however under development as the company keeps working on the production of an antibody.

The antibody which is labeled STI-1499 stood out among billions that were screened from the intensive antibody library. This is because it prevents the virus from attaching to the host’s healthy cell; which leads to incubation and infection.

The nature of the antibody’s effectiveness means that Sorrento thinks that it will be the first antibody to be included in the cocktail it is developing, which will be made of a large number of different antibodies.

Sorrento’s COVID-SHIELD is meant to address this through different antibodies that will provide protection against strains of the virus; however, the company says it will be developing the STI-1499 antibody on its owns as a dedicated, standalone therapy.

It is also discussing with regulators on how to promote the development of that potential treatment. It is also increasing its production capacity and goal of producing over 1 million doses; as it also seeks FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval for its use.

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