Sowore slams Tinubu’s absence, says Nigeria will not be governed by photos

Sowore slams Tinubu’s absence, says Nigeria will not be governed by photos

The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for president Bola Tinubu and his followers have come under fire from the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate Omoyele Sowore for the absence of the former governor of Lagos from the nation.

The APC candidate has been the subject of numerous still and moving images produced by Tinubu; as well as his supporters to demonstrate that he is in good health.

Sowore claimed that the move was made to deceive the general public in response to the most current images.

He further declared that Nigerians would no longer be governed by politicians; particularly those who used photographs as evidence of life. He stated this in a post on his official social media accounts, on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

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“The era of using photos to deceive and fleece unsuspecting citizens has passed! Thanks to @MBuhari, who scammed these bogies, Nigerians can’t be fooled by these old antiquated gimmicks and antics by @officialABAT handlers. Nigerians won’t be governed by photographs anymore,” Sowore wrote.

Meanwhile, the Presidency has dismissed accusations on social media by the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi; that some of his supporters, known as “Obidients”, have been “silently arrested” without foundation or fact.

A source in the State House, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said the Nigeria Police Force (NPF); as well as the Department of State Services (DSS) have officially confirmed that no such arrests whatsoever had been affected.

According to the source, neither “silent arrests”, nor for that matter “open arrests” – have been made of any of Obi’s supporters.

The presidency source said: ”The democratic process in Nigeria is free and fair and all candidates – whether those from the established parties or minor ones – have the absolute constitutional and God-given right to campaign openly and without hindrance.

”What is also the case is that anyone who breaks the law; whether they are a supporter of the government party or opposition – must be held to account for their actions.”


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