Speed Darlington calls out Paul Okoye ‘Rude Boy’ for stealing his style

Speed Darlington calls out Paul Okoye ‘Rude Boy’ for stealing his style

American-based Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington has taken a swipe at Paul Okoye “Mr P” for “copying his style.”


Speed Darlington who shared a collage of his similar outfit Paul Okoye wore, stated that the singer “copying him might boost his slow career”.

He added that while Paul might think he wouldn’t mind because they speak the same language, he should also know that he talks a lot.


He wrote;

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A couple of months ago, Speed Darlington called out American rapper, 50 Cent for also stealing his style.

He shared a photo of American rapper posing in front of a car and  wrote:

Is it me or this man is biting my style in the video where I captured this picture? Everybody knows I be in front of my Benzo going nowhere with my phone resting on light pols or other public property while I record myself. Somebody tell him am a trouble maker too.

Only reason I haven’t sue any of my crew members yet is because I don’t have a crew. I once sued insurance company and won; who is a yesteryear rapper?  I’m not that Yoruba boy on your show u gave spon to lick. Stop biting my style.”

The hilarious internet sensation and self-acclaimed musical artiste, Speed Darlington dragged the American star

Social media users are already tagging 50 Cent to the post and as we all know, 50 Cent’s savagery is on another level. If he had chosen to reply, it would have escalated into a fascinating feud between the duo.


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