Sponsored Post: Why Nigerians love Afang Soup so much (Video)

Sponsored Post: Why Nigerians love Afang Soup so much (Video)

Nigerians love their foods and we are talking about over 250 different ethnic groups with their unique kinds of foods specially prepared in the way only they can prepare.
We all think that our food is different from the other. The Yoruba man thinks his Amala and Ewedu/Gbegiri soup is the best and nothing can be compared to it while the Igbo man will tell you that Ofe Nsala or Ofe Owerri stands out.
The Ibibio/Efik man will beat his chest and say that Edikang Ikong and Afang Soup beats all just as the Urhobo man will get into a frenzy if anyone tries to denigrate his Banga and Starch meal while Musa up north will tell you that once you try his Tuwo’n Shinkafa and Miya’n Kuka, you will not eat any other food again.

Deliciously cooked Afang Soup
Deliciously cooked Afang Soup

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But there is one soup that every Nigerian, irrespective of tribe loves and that is Afang Soup.
Afang soup is originally a special delicacy that originated from the southern part of Nigeria and is very popular in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States, but today, because of its uniqueness, everyone in the country enjoys the soup and always look out it.
Afang soup is made using afang leaves (popularly called ukazi; botanically afang is called Gnetum africanum from the Family Gnetaceae.) and water leaves; this two different leaves and other special ingredients combine seamlessly to make a delicious looking afang soup.
The ukazi leaf is usually sliced and then ground with either a mortar (for the best blend), kitchen blender or hand-grinding machine while the waterleaf is just sliced with a kitchen knife.
The vegetables are very nutritious, medicinal and contain fibers that help the body cells to function properly.

Afang Soup is not only healthy but also nutritious
Afang Soup is not only healthy but also nutritious

Like most soups from the south-south region, to make a well blended afang soup, you must spice it with a healthy broth of meat, fish (fresh/dried), snails, Cowleg, Cow Skin (Kpomo or Kanda) stockfish, periwinkle (very important) and other ingredients to make it stand out.
Sliced fresh water leaves
Ground crayfish
Pounded/ground fresh Ukazi leaves
3 Maggi cubes
Stockfish head (medium size)
Dried or roasted fish
Palm oil
Periwinkles (izam/mfi)
Snails (optional)
Pepper (preferably fresh red pepper)
Meat (Beef/Goat meat)

You can't Afang Soup in anyway
You can’t Afang Soup in anyway

The making of Afang Soup
Slice the ukazi leave into tiny bits, use a mortar or blender to pound or grind it. Wash, drain and slice the water leaves into tiny pieces.
Parboil the meat with all the necessary ingredients, add two cubes of Maggi, sliced onions, salt, and pepper for taste.
Soak the dried fish with warm water, remove the center bones and wash thoroughly with warm water; also wash the stockfish head with warm water. Add your well cut and washed periwinkle, snail, kpomo, and other items to the cooking meat and cook till they are soft and the pot is almost dry.
Add palm oil, crayfish, pepper, and stir all together. Add your seasoning cubes, and salt to taste, allow cooking for 3-5 minutes.
Then add the water leaves and allow to simmer for 2-5 minutes before adding the ground ukazi leaves. If you do not like too much water in your afang soup, the water leaves have a lot of water in it, so this will serve as all the water you need.

You can eat Afang Soup with Fufu, Semovita of Eba
You can eat Afang Soup with Fufu, Semovita of Eba

Stir everything together, cover the pot and allow another 5 minutes and you are done with a delicious afang soup.
Serve hot with well-pounded fufu, semovita or Garri.

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Watch a video on how to make Afang Soup here:

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