Spotify releases premium Duo Plan for couples

Spotify releases premium Duo Plan for couples


After a year of testing in selected countries, Spotify is has released a new subscription plan “Premium Duo” for couples.

The plan costs $12.99 (₦8,908) a month and allows two people who live together to have a plan while owning separate Spotify accounts.

The single Duo Premium account costs $3 (₦1,162). Note that the new plan is targeted at the couple living in the address.

When signing up, you will be asked to verify your address. At the end of the registration, the bill for the plan is sent to the person who sets up the account.

The plan also features an exclusive playlist called Duo Mix. Spotify always updates based on the music the couple likes and listens to.

Duo mix features two versions namely, Calm and Upbeat; Calm is for more soft tracks, while Upbeat is for songs with faster tempos.

Interestingly, the users on Premium Duo can create playlists; and share them with each other via a Shared Playlists feature.

For existing solo Premium users, they can upgrade to Premium Duo when they feel like; without losing their existing account listening history.

Note that a Family plan membership is only $2 (₦775.00) above Duo and supports up to six accounts.

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