Stella Damasus speaks on relationship with God

Stella Damasus speaks on relationship with God

Amidst the Easter celebration, Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has taken to social media to talk about her relationship with God.


Stella Damasus who is one of the most revered Nollywood actresses stated on Instagram that she maintains a cordial relationship with God. She mentioned that she is not a follower of mainstream pastors or religious maxims, however, she has her own understanding who God is.


The actress also stated that blindly following religion created by man isn’t her style because she has a personal relationship with God.


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Here is what she explained on her Instagram page.

It’s #eastersaturday and I am grateful for life.

I am grateful for God’s grace and mercy.

I am also grateful to be given an opportunity to be a part of something that has made a tremendous impact on people’s lives.

If you have not seen the movie BETWEEN, it’s free oooooh.

There still a lot of people who have not seen this. Let’s continue to spread the word so that they can join in the fun. Great entertainment for you and yours this weekend.”



In other news, Stella Damasus wrote a lengthy note on the social media page about how to maintain a relationship and keep it stronger.


According to the mom of two, the secret lies in ‘listening.’


‘When you give others the chance to express what’s on their minds, to explain, or just to vent (without interrupting), you make the relationship stronger and better.

“We have to learn to care about what people say.

Don’t be one of those who start to cook up responses in their head immediately the person starts to talk.

You will miss out on what they are really saying. Listen to them and let it sink in.”

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