Stephanie Linus debuts short film ‘The Student’

Stephanie Linus debuts short film ‘The Student’

Nollywood actress, Stephanie Linus, has released a new short film; “The Student’, which creates awareness against sexual and gender-based violence, GBV.


The renowned actress, who frown at sexual and GBV issues that have become a thing of concern; took to her Instagram handle @stephanielinus in a video clip, to announce the movie to fans and Nigerians; where she condemned the act in tertiary institutions.


Stephanie Linus had this to say;

There is help available!

The prevalence of sexual harassment of female students in tertiary institutions is worrisome.

“Many students are threatened with exam failure or other disturbing consequences if they refuse to succumb.

“In this short film; we attempt to capture a scenario of how a young girl was able to get out of the trap of harassment.

“Sexual harassment thrives when perpetrators are able to subject their victims into silence.

“I would like to say to every young girl who might be experiencing this in one form or the other – You have a voice; and it is time to use it!

“Click on the link above to watch the short film; and let’s have a conversation about your thoughts in the comment section,” she wrote.

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‘The Student’, a movie that called to action short film created by Linus; as well as scripted by Adeola Adeyemo, followed the story of Jumi.


Jumi, a high-flying student, fell victim to a lecturer with a history of sexual harassment.


The movie, which was directed by Chinedu Ben, also featured some film stars like Mary Agholor; Samuel Abah; as well as Beshel Francis, among others.


‘The Student’ movie project, which was supported by @UNFPA, happens to be the second project of Linus’ productions for UNFPA’s campaign on sex and GBV.


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