Is there still hope for PDP? – Niran Adedokun

Is there still hope for PDP? – Niran Adedokun

Is the political party known as Peoples Democratic Party truly beyond redemption?  The first person elected President on the platform of the party, now turned enemy number one, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has pronounced the party dead and buried a few times in the past couple of months. And it does seem that the party is itself giving credence to the Obasanjo death wish.

Like many other Nigerians who hoped for a functional opposition party, one imagined that the Supreme Court Judgment which handed over the management of the party to the Senator Ahmed Makarfi faction was enough to move the party forward but how mistaken we were.

Although some fragments of the Ali Modu Sheriff factions remain in the PDP and creating rumbles, the current war is between the different power blocs within the erstwhile seemingly cohesive Makarfi group.

And when you ask questions about what the misunderstanding is all about, you will discover it is nothing more than the personal ambitions of those who call the shots within the party. All this indicates that the members of the party learnt nothing from the colossal defeat that the party suffered from the 2015 elections.

As it always is with politicians, the current turbulence in the PDP has nothing to do with the people. Rather, power mongers are positing for the upcoming convention of the party, which is a stepping stone to potentials for the 2019 elections for a lot of people who have ambitions.

Now, this is what is mindboggling about politicians; one would imagine that with the noise we have heard from these PDP men about the failure of the ruling All Progressive Congress to live up to expectations as well as the lessons that the PDP has learnt from its 16 years mediocre performance, those in a position to lead the PDP at this time would indeed make sacrifices on behalf of the people. But here again we are, with politicians, everyman is for himself and God for us all.

This is why instead of concentrating on having a strife-free convention which will produce a party leadership capable of unifying the party and thereafter building a virile and people-centered political party, stalwarts of the PDP are currently tearing at each other in a scrabble for the juiciest party positions.

We hear of the influence of money, rancour over the decision of the leadership of the party to throw the chairmanship open to the three zones in the South as well as disquiet generated by suspicions over the alleged manipulation of delegate lists. There are even rumours that some disgruntled members of the party might be calling a parallel convention.

The summary of all of this is that if after the convention on Saturday, the PDP is unable to present a unanimous front to Nigerians, we might as well put in the final nail in the coffin of the PDP in its current form and shape.

That is not a good story for democracy alright, but then do these politicians care?

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