Strange World: Congolese homosexual couple get stuck during sex (Video)

Strange World: Congolese homosexual couple get stuck during sex (Video)

A homosexual couple in Congo got the other taste of life as they got stuck while having sex in a hotel in Kinshasha, the country’s capital.

In a viral video that has been making the rounds, the homosexual lovers are seen in tears as they are being filmed and mocked by onlookers as they are brought out of the hotel room after they raised an alarm when they could not extricate themselves.

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Congo Weird News reports that the couple had gone to the hotel to have sex but after they finished and tried to extricate themselves and could not, they had to cry out for help and the management of the hotel had to break down the door to bring them out as they were locked from behind.

Homosexual activity is not prohibited by law in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, however, some sources indicate that homosexual relationships can be criminalized under the public decency provisions in the Congolese Penal Code.

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Article 176 of the Congolese Penal Code reads as follows:

“A person who engages in activities against public decency will be liable to a term of imprisonment of eight days to three years and/or fined twenty-five to one thousand zaires.”

Watch the video below

Congolese homosexual couple got stuck in the act… ???… Cassava matter ??

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