Strange World: Woman who claimed she has sex with ghosts is now engaged to one

Strange World: Woman who claimed she has sex with ghosts is now engaged to one

A British woman, Amethyst Realm who has been telling anyone that cared to listen that she has been having sex with ghosts has announced that she is now engaged to one of them and will soon get married to ‘him’.
Metro UK reports that Amethyst Realm spoke about her unusual love life in the past and had previously claimed that she joined the Mile High Club with a ghost and wanted to have children with one.
The 30-year-old is now reportedly planning a wedding after her spirit lover popped the question in Somerset.

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Speaking to a journalist, Realm said:
“We’re soulmates, meant for each other, and that’ll never change. The fact that he’s a spirit is by the by.”
Realm had also previously claimed she has had sex with a number of ghosts and met her new man while she was in Australia on business at the start of this year.
According to her, her ‘ghostly’ does not have a name and she even revealed she’s not certain he’s male but says gender is less important when it comes to ghosts.
Realm who is a spiritual counselor said her fiance proposed at Wookey Hole caves in Somerset.
“There was no going down on one knee — he doesn’t have knees! But for the first time, I heard him speak.
The words ‘will you marry me?’ echoed around the cave. It’s hard to explain but until that point, his words were inside my head. But, on that day, the words were outside.
The voice was ‘deep, sexy and real’.”

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Realm who is from Bristol, says her family and friends are happy for her and she is already planning a Pagan handfasting ceremony.
She added that she knows the idea of having a baby with her ghost-fiance ‘sounds crazy’ but believes it isn’t ‘totally out of the question’.

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