STRANGERS AND LOVERS: She took his breath away – Kingsley Alaribe

STRANGERS AND LOVERS: She took his breath away – Kingsley Alaribe

She took his breath away, and it happened at first sight before any words were spoken. Her beauty was like that refreshing gust of wind out of nowhere that fans humanity into your being under a callous scorching sun.

When she smiled, he smiled too – unbeknownst to him.

The ease with which that happened should bother him, but he was far too ensconced in admiration that one could argue he had even begun to breathe through her too.

Then the Earth would move and align the stars that make fools rush into love – and they would become one for a moment in time.

Everyone who knew them agreed they were wrapped in a sweet vanilla bubble.

When they held hands, the comfort was a soothing halo.

When they kissed, the world was always serene like a lone boat easing down a calm stream.

And when they made love – when they almost made love – he decided a little wait was in order.

He had visions of himself waiting at the aisle as she sauntered forward in white, flowers in hand, curly strands on her mystique shoulders, and a smile grand like the moon. And then only after swearing to God and Gaia, would he make love to her.


It would be worth the little wait.

But until then he would love her in every way a man could sweep an angel off her feet. As they say, the little things in great ways. He would fill her mind with sweet words and make her senses tingle everyday. He would surprise her in ways big and small – until she is without doubt that he never remembers to forget her for a minute.

Then one day the devil heard his thoughts and shat on them for a little laugh.

He had scoot over from work to surprise her. He had a gift in hand, and a well planned evening set to ensue. But as everything would go wrong on a day about to go wrong, the door was open. And he didn’t have to wonder long about it, as he peered through the part curtains and saw his angel on her knees hungrily taking the full member length of a strange man he had never seen in her mouth.

In this moment she did not seem like the same person. She was animalistic – and ungraceful – and especially, unangelic.

The moment took him in quick successions of shock, and a little anger, and finally, a tightness in his chest that forced him to drop the gift in hand.

As she scurried about the living room, utterly confounded and desperate to restore some dignity, the pain in his chest gradually worsened.

He could not breathe. He began to hit his chest hard as he huffed with mouth wide open. The room was spinning and his eyes began to bulge. The agony was coming on too fast, enveloping him faster than he could think. He tried to reach his hand out to her but a stiffness seemed to have ceased his motor abilities. He could tell just then he was sinking into oblivion. His intention was to tell her it was okay, but not even the slightest octave would come through.

In the moment that followed he crumpled helplessly to the ground and stopped breathing.


And in a dark, sadistic sense, one could again say, ‘she took his breath away before any words were spoken.’

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Kingsley Alaribe is a Digital Marketer with 1stNews, and writes the weekly column, Strangers and Lovers. He is also a Data Scientist. Email: [email protected]

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