Student Discovers Security Loophole in WhatsApp

Student Discovers Security Loophole in WhatsApp

A 19-year-old Moroccan student has discovered a security loophole in  WhatsApp.

Ahmed Lekssays illustrated how WhatsApp messages can be accessed via iOS system, which operates Apple’s phones and tablet devices, if the application file is transferred to a device running on Linux operating system.

“I knew that the bug is in Android, so I was just curious about it. Hence, I decided to look for it in iOS, and I found it,” Ahmed Lekssays told Morocco World News.

The loophole allows access to private WhatsApp messages, the list of names and telephone numbers even if the phone is protected by a user code or a password.

The WhatsApp security team thanked the young Moroccan student for discovering the loophole.

“Thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, if you lose control of your device/OAuth tokens or cookies for that matter, your session may be hijacked. As you know, WhatsApp creates a second backup of the phone’s contacts on its folder, so the contacts will be also copied.” Read more


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