Students protest planned separation of the sexes in Bauchi schools

Students protest planned separation of the sexes in Bauchi schools

Male secondary school students have taken to the streets to protest against the government’s new policy of separating boys and girls in schools in Bauchi state.

Students from most of the secondary schools in the city of Bauchi disrupted business operations as they marched down main avenues to the Emir’s Palace and offices of the ministry to air their complaints

The students carried signs that said various things about the new educational system, which they strongly opposed. They further claimed the system was out of step with education in the twenty-first century.

Speaking to media, some of them said that the new method would make them less adept at social interaction; and depict them as immature individuals.

They also appealed to the Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, to look into the development and rescind the government’s decision.

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The state government had declared plans to separate male and female students in secondary schools in the state, according to Dr. Aliyu Tilde, the commissioner for education in the Bauchi State.

After a State Executive Council (SEC) meeting in Bauchi, Tilde addressed the media. During the address, he promised to implement the policy of gender separation whenever and wherever it was feasible.

In addition, he claimed that the choice was made to fight moral decay, which is prevalent among secondary school students.


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