Sudan thwarts military coup attempt, say officials

Sudan thwarts military coup attempt, say officials



The Sudanese government said that it has foiled a military coup attempt. A group of rogue officers reportedly tried to capture an army headquarters; and also a state radio building near the country’s capital.


The interrogation of suspects involved in the attempted coup was due to begin; Mohamed Al Faki Suleiman, spokesperson for the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, told Reuters.


Reports said the failed coup involved an attempt to take control of the state radio building in Omdurman; across the river Nile from Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.


Reuters cited a witness saying that tanks were used to close a bridge connecting Khartoum with Omdurman early on Tuesday morning.

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Local media posted a video of what it said were tanks as well as uniformed soldiers on the streets of Omdurman.


Al Arabiya cited sources saying that; more than 20 rebellious officers seized the headquarters of the armored corps of the Sudanese Army but were later arrested, while the HQ was being besieged.


The TV channel added that coup leaders wanted to arrest the members of the Sovereignty Council as well as the country’s Military Council.


Local media said 40 officers of various ranks; including the coup’s chief leader, were arrested.


The current government of Sudan was formed in 2019 as a transitional authority; after the country’s president for nearly three decades, Omar al-Bashir, was overthrown in a military coup.

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