Sugar daddies are sober – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Sugar daddies are sober – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



It hasn’t been a good week for sugar daddies.



It struck to the core of mostly men what happened last week with the murder of Super TV CEO, Michael Usifo Ataga.


Allegedly, he was killed by a 21-year-old girl, Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu. The details are sketchy. The police claim that she acted out the alleged murder with some accomplices. On the other hand, her personal narration of events allege attempted rape and self-defense.



As usual, the internet has been rife with speculations and extrapolations.



There is even one bizarre story trying to tie Usifo’s wife to the killing. I don’t know what to even believe anymore.



One thing that seems indisputable is that this young woman was responsible for the actual stabbing to death of this man. Also, they had been romantically/sexually involved.


So like I said, sugar daddies in Nigeria have been sober.


What is becoming of young women nowadays? I bet this is the prevailing thought in their heads. Men seem to always be taken by the ‘innocence’ of young women. I had a friend that once said that he could never marry a woman who had crossed the age of 30. His reasons were that the older the woman, the more difficult she is to control.

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Older women who know where they are and where they want to go are not easily malleable. Men have this notion that a younger woman would defer to them easily. Nothing makes a man feel like the leader than adoring females that look up to him for guidance and provision.



Most men are irritated with women who are logical, intelligent and well-articulated.



In the past, I would have used the word ‘intimidated’. We were groomed to believe that smart women who will not just take your word for things because you are a man were a downer to men.




Sugar daddies are sober – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



These women kill boners.



Men like to feel like they are the smartest in the room. A smarter woman may not intimidate them, like I used to think. This sort of woman would irritate them.


Forgive me for generalizations. Of course, I don’t mean all men.



Somewhere at the back of the mind of a lot of men is that younger women are easier to be with. The society perpetuates that. A woman dating a younger man is a scandal. A man dating a younger girl is normal.



It isn’t just about fresh faces and supple youthful bodies. It is more about how subservient they could be. Even when they are irreverent, such men find this attractive.



Indeed, the attraction that older men have for younger women is legendary. It did not start yesterday and it will not finish tomorrow.


If sugar daddies would hold a general meeting and decide to pull out of the game; a lot of young girls will be stranded. And I am not talking about pocket money and clothing allowances. I am talking about rent, school fees, medical bills, etc. etc.


A man of a certain status is not complete till he has a repertoire of beautiful young women to service him. So, you can imagine this business of a girl killing her sugar daddy is hitting hard.


A lot of these men have had themselves at the mercy of these girls. Eating meals and drinking in situations that they could easily be poisoned. Clandestine hide-outs and secret nights spent in hotels unbeknownst to wives. Trips to places with girls they really do not know that well.


I doubt that this is the start of a new trend, i.e killing sugar daddies. I get that this is troubling. You don’t want that one time for it to be you as the victim.



Sugar daddies are sober – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


I doubt this because most sugar daddies are more useful alive than dead.



But this has to be food for thought for these men. You fraternize with these young girls at your peril.



The girls now are a different breed. They are not like previous generations.



Exercise caution and take precautions not to allow your security to be breached.



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Sex is different with these girls, I suspect. I imagine they are wilder and more imaginative. I remember an old randy boss who said that he had been out with a young girl who laced his penis with marijuana and that turned about to be one of the best sex of his life.



Don’t ask me how that conversation came about.



Just know it was terribly awkward.



But I had an idea of just what some men are willing to risk for a good time.



It would seem that the younger woman is willing to please and experiment. Unlike the wifey who has to feel a certain way to engage. You will be angrily pushing through dry labia and thinking of the luscious girl that will melt at your touch.


But at a certain age, your appetites should no longer control you. I also think (and this is a personal note to myself) that married couples need to deliberately work on every aspect of their marriages. Find a way of evolving together over the years. Find ways of enjoying each other, especially sexually.


It is very risky to step outside for many reasons.



But what am I saying?



That sugar daddies should drop the sugar only for their legit families?

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It will never happen.



I am realistic enough to know that as long as men live, they will seek out younger women. No one can stop it. Not even if a pandemic that killed only sugar daddies started.


But I get why sugar daddies are sober.



A general fell. Soldiers everywhere are fearful. But not to worry. Nothing really has changed.



When the question was HIV, STDs and unwanted pregnancies, the answer was not celibacy. The answer was condoms.



You will not throw those sugar babies away.



Just be careful, sha. Don’t embarrass your wives.



It is not a pretty thing to cry with one eye while the other is angry at the whole unnecessary embarrassment.



Do better, sugar daddies.



Sugar babies, the man has to be alive for the sugar to keep coming.



Do better, sugar babies.

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