Suicide: What exactly is the Nigerian youth afraid of?

Suicide: What exactly is the Nigerian youth afraid of?

On Wednesday, January 13, a young Nigerian man identified as Dele Bandele committed suicide, throwing netizens and the social media sphere into wailing.


Days prior to his demise, he was declared missing, causing panic amongst his family and friends before his dead body was discovered somewhere around the 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos.


Dele’s voluntary choice to take his own life is best known to him. Although, he made attempts to explain why he committed suicide in a note that surfaced online hours after he was confirmed dead; it did not pinpoint what went wrong in his life.


In his suicide note, the late advertising agent mentioned that he has been battling depression for seven years. As a matter of fact, he revealed that he has attempted suicide four times prior to Tuesday night when he finally embarked on the journey to the great beyond.


DELE BANDELE: Recent suicide victim


Dele’s demise is coming in the days of 2021, but his case would not be the first this year. Read more reports on suicide here on 1st News.


Like every other suicide victim, it is almost impossible for wailers; mourners and other onlookers to completely understand where the light went off in the mind of the victim, leaving room for further questions.


In Dele’s case, he never mentioned that he was suffering from any terminal illness or heartbreak; instead, he stated in his opening paragraph that ‘love was not enough’


Below is Dele’s suicide note;


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Bandele stated in the suicide note that he has been battling depression for seven years. The turmoil has been ongoing in his head; however, he was unable to get any help because the term; mental health and its intricacies are yet to be fully understood by Nigerians.


It is time for the government and citizens of the country to become proactive; especially in looking for ways to curb the burgeoning menace in our society. The suicide rate in Nigeria has surged in recent times amidst the high cost of living and bleak outlook by numerous youths in the country.

As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that Nigeria has the highest suicide rate in Africa since 2016.


Indeed, the issue of suicide is fast becoming a trend in Nigeria among youths.


It is no longer news that several young people are turning to suicide as an end to depression amongst other ills. This is not the time to point fingers; it is essential that Nigerians begin to garner more knowledge pertaining to the subject of their physical and mental wellbeing. Reports have recently ranked Nigeria as 5th in the world with the highest suicide rate of an average of six suicides per month.


Mental illness is surreptitiously annihilating young Nigerians; it is gradually developing into choking the essence of living from the nostrils of future leaders.


There are several types of this health challenge; from common disorders that affect tens of millions of people; such as depression and acute anxiety to addiction, total insanity, among others.


Dele Bandele unceremoniously left the world a couple of days ago.


How many more do we have to lose before we begin to take precautionary measures?


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