Yahoo boy recorded eating live chicken (VIDEO)

Yahoo boy recorded eating live chicken  (VIDEO)

A yahoo boy is a person that carries out fraudulent acts on the internet. A yahoo boy is otherwise known as an internet fraudster or a scammer; they are often considered a menace to the society.


In recent weeks, more shocking videos of internet fraudsters; involving themselves with diabolism have become continued to emerge on social media.


A new video making the rounds online shows a group of suspected yahoo boys eating live chicken as a ‘native doctor’ performed ritual on them.


In the viral video, the young men can be seen dancing to loud music as they devoured a live chicken in the presence of a ‘native doctor’ who was chanting incantations.


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Although 1st News is yet to specify the country that the incident occurred; internet fraudulence is also an infamous act in Nigeria. In fact, the government has been waging a war against online theft and cyberextortion.


Watch the video of the young men feasting on a live chicken below.



In a previous interview, Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade stated that the Nigerian movie industry is now awash with prostitutes and yahoo boys.



He likewise revealed that the inclusion of individuals with immoral values has affected the condition of the industry.


Yemi Solade in an interview said that the Nigerian movie industry is now like an uncompleted building.


He added that the industry is now full of all the internet fraudsters as well as prostitutes that you can imagine; as it has become an ‘all-comers affair, where anybody can stroll in and act.’





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