TBoss finally unveils her daughter’s face

TBoss finally unveils her daughter’s face


The reality star, TBoss real name Idowu Tokunbo has finally unveiled the face of her daughter.


On Friday, February 14, the fierce reality star took to the photosharing app, Instagram to finally showcase her baby’s face six months after she arrived on earth. TBoss has remained surreptitious about the baby’s identity, however, she decided to unveil the baby’s face on a special day.


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Taking to Instagram, the former Big Brother Naija housemate had a couple of intriguing words for her baby.



Here is what she wrote:

There’s no greater love than the love of a mother to her child.
And that is why selfish as it may seem I choose to shield you from the eyes of people who may not always have the best intentions.
But I also realize that I can’t protect you forever-

Not physically anyway.
And besides, it might be somewhat selfish of me not to share a part of you with the world because you are without a doubt My Biggest Blessing & Greatest Achievement.
However, I would always pray for you & protect you spiritually- I have committed you to The Almighty God & HE Alone watches, protects & provides for you.
You truly are a Bright & Shiny Star my Baby Starr & nobody & nothing can change that.
My Jesus Baby- anyone who blesses you would be blessed and anyone who tries otherwise or even as much as thinks it- would feel the wrath of My Heavenly Father swiftly & Strongly upon their lives.
Mommie Loves you Always & Forever & a Day more. @atilarystudio thank you so much for capturing these priceless moments @byjaru your creativity continues to wow me @chiniellabeauty thanks for making me so gorgeous ♥️.

I love you guys …”


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