Techmas: Laptop stimulus for 2021 recovery – Chris Uwaje

Techmas: Laptop stimulus for 2021 recovery – Chris Uwaje



Techmas Laptop stimulus should be one of Africa’s fundamental routes to post Covid-19 recovery in 2021. This strategy can push between five to 10 million laptops and smart digital devices as conventional stimulants for post Covid-19 recovery of our battered state of education, healthcare and indigenous content ecosystem.



Every parent is thinking about the best and most valuable Christmas gift to present to their children; their loved ones and well-wishers. Today, Covid-19 common sense dictates that the best present for Techmas (Xmas 2020) is laptop, tablets and smart intelligent devices. These collections have become the dependable compass of our future. Without them, many will drown in the emerging digital ocean – where ignorance will take millions of us hostage.



Global laptop sales totalled $101.7 billion in 2017, with 161.6 million units shipped worldwide. The pandemic raised global demand for laptops, tablets and smart devices. Consequently, figures of 2020 year ending is expected to reveal the boom story – marching forward.



The reality of the 2020 pandemic shows that education and health were the most battered and damaged sectors of human life and will take a long time to recover. Global smartphone shipments are projected to add up to around 1.48 billion units in 2023. Available records reveal that by the end of 2020, about 44.9 percent of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone. However, the impact and collateral damages on both sectors will spur the acquisition of more smart devices; until no digital native is left behind.


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The projected recovery index predicts that laptops, tablets, smartphones and broadband bandwidth will play a highly significant role. By extension, they will not only restructure and democratically accelerate the class struggle; but determine the scorecard of our children, businesses, and national competitiveness – going forward into 2021-2025.


Techmas: Laptop stimulus for 2021 recovery - Chris Uwaje




Indeed, the revolution of laptop and smart devices has just begun. Therefore, Techmas laptop palliative strategy should be adopted as the game-changer to stimulate our recovery and upgrade the education and healthcare deficits in Africa. Consequently, the message is: while others are healing the world with vaccines; it is incumbent on us, and not too late for Africa to emerge from ground-zero and establish digital manufacturing presence for future smart/nano devices. The laptop, smartphones and other learning digital devices have become an existential factor in the emerging class struggle. Equally significant is the e-Commerce side of things.



And when it comes to e-Commerce of choice in Africa, the popular slang is ‘Let’s Konga it’. Techmas ‘21 is the thirst-for-lifelong knowledge venture. It simply means that 2021 is going to be technologically intensive and the art of governance would be completely transformed. Nations that fail to address and repackage their e-Government and e-Governance models will pay a great price in deficit.



The best post Covid-19 investment is code-named Techmas AI and promises million-fold returns! It will exponentially deliver more than real estate or investments in Oil, Gas and/or Gold combined! Will your children and family be left out in this mind-race to the digital Eldorado?



The smart and new learning devices can help to rebuild Africa’s fragile learning environment into a formidable, responsive and wealthy education blockchain. Currently, our students, teachers and parents are at the frontline of the digital mind battle. The immense values of LMS, e-Learning, distance learning, offline and/or online learning, should not be allowed to elude our nation and continent. The 2021-2025 timeline in catching up with lost time in education and healthcare delivery would be critical.



This revelation is inscribed in the choreographed cacophony, as nations struggle with population surge, traumatized students, memory-trapped teachers, absentee-leadership; as well as distant-governance. The most clearing revelation is that, as we swim through the new normal, no government in their current illusionary structure and fragile mode can continue to exist and succeed in analogue mode and business-as-usual mindset; without faithfully converting and digitally migrating to e-Government process of strategic leadership and governance.



For some nations outside Africa, the post Covid-19 recovery may take another two-three years. For the majority of nations in Africa, the task of mastering the new normal may consume a decade! Therefore, nations who fail to digitally transform to e-Government leadership and Economic-Intelligence Systems will bear the brunt of inability to economically recover in the next 10 years!




Techmas: Laptop stimulus for 2021 recovery - Chris Uwaje



Today, the advent of the knowledge economy has created a paradigm shift in addressing the fundamental functions, operations and benefits of upskilling and re-skilling to empower the citizenry and corporate enterprises to come to terms with process automation for accelerated and sustainable development.



In consideration of the fact that psychological adaptation has become a functional component to solve the quest before us. We are further compelled to ensure we augment our collective capacities to deploy multi-tasking and multi-preneurship skills that solves our amazing monotonous problem. Information processing is the highly conjectural sphere upon which psychological adaptations are believed to operate. Nigeria/Africa should prepare to re-construct herself and continent from ashes to monument!


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The unseen vacuum created by the pandemic in Africa and around the world is massive. However, this near emptiness of life must be carefully, urgently, and technologically reconstructed before it evaporates into chaos and nothingness. Imagine what Africa and indeed the world would have done during the pandemic without Information Technology? Already, the out of school scenario is already registering alarming digital poverty!



Re-thinking Africa without Technology at the core is an unforgivable illusion. Africa must be pro-science and technology to survive. The opportunity to re-think/reconstruct the education/healthcare ecosystems in Nigeria/Africa is now dramatically presented to us by the technology momentum. This momentum calls for visioning dynamic and constructive social engineering framework. Regrettably, that momentum cannot be meaningfully attained, without first revisiting and reconstructing the environment, education and healthcare systems grounded in science and technology.



Interrogating this narrative once again presents us the opportunity to ask: What should we prioritize – Technology or Politics? Currently, there is no better way to achieve the vision than prioritizing Science and Technology (driven by Information Technology) and not Politics.



The simple solution to the above equation translates to; in 30 years (2050 when Africa adds 1.2 billion to her population and Nigeria jumps to 400 million); Technology will drive and dictate Politics. Reconstructing and mastering Technology for Nigeria/Africa within 30 years is less challenging and much easier than somersaulting in submerged political tunnels devoid of light!



We now live in a world where Data never sleeps! There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. We require Techmas to catch up with lost time. How many laptops and smart digital devices will we need to recover lost developmental productive knowledge? The safe assumption is 60 percent of Africa’s population – since that is the accepted gauge for the youth population in Africa!



Techmas: Laptop stimulus for 2021 recovery - Chris Uwaje



Will the gap between the rich and the poor elongate? Sure, it will! But there are also numerous opportunities for the underdog nations and peoples to disrupt the development space of the global class struggle through innovation. That is where the intervention of laptops and smart devices come to the rescue.



This is the time to measure the collapse of businesses and displacement of employment around Africa; by providing solutions to reconstruct her re-emergence. To attain this, tech innovation start-ups must be empowered. Pursuing this mission, the most logical and successful pathway remains technology-software-of-things. Linking education to agriculture and food processing will significantly accelerate the e-Commerce ecosystem with ability to produce millions of employment opportunities. Therefore, this calls for business reconstruction and reconditioning into mega-businesses.




Merry Techmas as we walk through and command the cloudy but opportune moments of 2021 and beyond.

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