Technology: Another global meltdown and impact on Africa? – Chris Uwaje

Technology: Another global meltdown and impact on Africa? – Chris Uwaje



The world of tomorrow will be hugely different and also complex, as we will all be destined to compete in the emerging knowledge Olympiad of the unknown!  All the solutions to Africa’s challenging future are hidden in the books of functional Science, Technology, Innovation and Judicial equity.




A word we are told is enough for the wise. Africa, be bold, beware and follow the Rainbow! Perhaps, there is no perfect answer to the emerging future of post Covid-19. Is there? The current Global meltdown means different things to different people; just as the urgency and relevance of automation of Government processes, Digital Economy and Citizenship, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity; mean different things to different Governments.




Disciplined and equitable justice framework by Africans for Africa can energetically fire and re-imagine Africa. I can’t breathe!




Technology: Another global meltdown and impact on Africa? - Chris Uwaje



The world we live in today can simply be defined as “from inhuman conjecture of race supremacy, to financial recklessness and cyber-carelessness”. The above situation is compounded by the complexities of subjective self-interest; defined, and carefully orchestrated in obscure parameters, guidelines, and stamped by global supervisory controls devoid of hard facts. Amidst this comprehensive architecture, understanding and assessment of globalized economy, services and lifestyles have succumbed to polarized media-governance?



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Currently, we are forced to ask ourselves: – has the model of enshrined values of globalization of market forces, preferential treatment to institutional democracy, and the Commonwealth of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) started to collapse?  Finally, can humanity really cast the blame on Covid-19 pandemic? Or the zigzag attitudinal behavior of players in global trade and governance?



Maybe we have unknowingly shaken the trusted foundation of human values? In what ways does the above affect the nervous system of the African Continent?



Perhaps, all the above acts of self-defined knowledge-denial by shifting the goalposts have led to advanced economic financial recklessness; as well as disruption of the center of gravity of global peace? And consequently have somersaulted and consumed Africa’s human abilities to secure an equitable seat in knowledge mediation; thus inhibiting our ability to see into the future-of-things. The resultant effect is that humanity has built a monumental data-labyrinth.



Internet resources informs that the amount of data we produce every day is truly mind-boggling. At the current pace, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day on the Internet. But that is just a tip of the iceberg. Regrettably, this labyrinth is severally patched with nefarious layers, conjured by greedy human minds. The resultant effect is, under the pretense of evolution; they have sociologically re-configured global information labyrinth to the detriment of our collective humanity. These concerns have indeed, established and left us in heavily dependent and beclouded techno-rooms; where gross fixing and number-crunching manipulation of quantum-trillions of human knowledge occur! Often, those real-time data resources and influences of Deep-state are beyond the comprehension of computational machinery. Controlled adjustments to global data inaccuracies have therefore become the order of the day; especially in global conflict management.




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Now, the moral centre of gravity can no longer hold. How does Africa move and reposition the needle? As I write, the new-world information system is gradually emerging with mind-boggling revelations on Covid-19 decision mismatch; revealing the depth of our ignorance-of-things (ioT) within the critical equation of the emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT). These phenomena are currently migrating with us, as we move to a state of post Covid-19 pandemic recovery; better known as the future of our world and codified the New Normal.



Technology is perceived to be at the centre and where the new media is allotted a deep-state role; now popularly classified as the new empire of economic, social and innovation disruption vigorously accompanied by a political ally popularly known as fake-news data stacks.



Contained by the orchestrated (and often embedded illusionary) opportunities; what other pseudo-impacts and consequences would post Covid-19 playbook deliver to the African Continent?



Technology: Another global meltdown and impact on Africa? - Chris Uwaje



The full stack of our future will no doubt be propelled by the pendulum of science and technology. Also, environmental sanity, compulsory smart-education, disciplined economic, financial, cultural, health equity, proactive national security will play key roles. It is time to deal the death blow to political half-truths and outright full-lies; which mathematically coated in the financial markets of the world occasioned by the addiction and stampeded responses to the new Global Financial Meltdown.



In my opinion, not paying deep attention to the mis-steps would be compounding Africa’s development and wealth creation situations; governed by the Data Pyramids of externalized Technology ambiguities. Lessons learned now reveals that many of the externally enforced technologies are often unstable. Yet, they have to resolve Africa’s challenges, Rather, they are perceived to be intensifying consumerism and contributing to the covert de-construction and de-acceleration of our creative digital world-mindset from nanosecond to nanosecond.




Technology: Another global meltdown and impact on Africa? - Chris Uwaje



The objective of this write-up is to simultaneously warn the continent and advocate that unprecedented unemployment post Covid-19 Pandemic trauma; citizens’ misbeliefs on leadership trustworthiness, cybercrime/cybersecurity challenges, may accelerate and become the critical mass of our daily lives. As the global financial meltdown intensifies and the key players try to outsmart themselves; especially by playing hide-and-seek in an intentional, continental and national playbook of looted economy; the faceoff may result into a freefall of democracy around the world and especially in Africa!



Similarly, so will digitally-savvy and electronic criminals continue to search and smoke out the loots and unsecured green notes around the globe! Africa’s developing countries such as Nigeria will remain vulnerable, unless urgent and smart-governance steps are taken.  Indeed, expected bailout adventure may turn out to be a smokescreen to further grow our debt pyramid. This may lead nowhere for Africa.



We need multi-parallel actions of leadership and political will for re-designing, rebuilding and fortifying African Nations Information Infrastructure (ANII); reconfiguring consumerism to creativity and innovation production pathway, as well as building commensurate Information Society code-warriors to defend the continent; seriously and simultaneously.



Within the context of my evaluation and analysis of the subject-matter; Cybercrime and Cybersecirity activities will increase by about 53% in the next half decade (2020-2025)!  My projection is partly derived from the anticipated elongation of post Covid-19 recovery and lessons learned from Bernard Madoff; the man responsible for perhaps the largest fraud schemes in history.



According to Financial Times: ‘‘Speaking extensively for the first time since his December 11 2008 arrest, Mr. Madoff told Denny Chin, a US District Judge, that when his investment business did badly in the world recession of the early 1990s “I felt compelled to satisfy my clients’ expectations at any cost,” the once respected New York broker told the packed court room.



The reality today is that many investment businesses are doing badly and will go down. But not before they deal a damaging blow to their victims.


Technology: Another global meltdown and impact on Africa? - Chris Uwaje





This is against the backdrop that the 70-year-old former Nasdaq Chairman committed such a colossal fraud (about US$65billion); – pleading a bargained guilty to only 11 felonies. These range from wire fraud and money laundering; to stealing from pension plans and making false fillings to Securities and Exchange Commission!  One may be justified the emphasis that this fraud of one US American citizen – committed in about two decades; may surpass what African 419 may not be capable of pulling off in 200 years! To crown it all, it must be said that the Bushy aspect of the global Meltdown is reflected in the financial recklessness of the Iraq War of X US$bilion per day!



The recent World Bank projection that there will be deeper global financial contraction and recession; leading to economic slowdown and longer turn-around – suggests that the freefall of critical global stock exchanges; as well as the somersaults of many inter-dependent profit clusters will continue.



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However, it will be recalled that, globally many of the earlier inexplicable business profits were built on faulty best-practice claims; attained by ‘globally’ unjustified theories of probability by hook and crook – such as the Mortgage Credit Scam; as well as the Green card scam and similar models).



These new revelations will definitely accelerate the magnitude, shape and colour of false loan traps; as well as internationally aided and abetted financial corruption pitfall in a domain of digital accountability; one where foreign financial solutions have become a colossal drain pipe.



Cybersecurity. How prepared is Nigeria?


tech 2


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All said, there are also many windows of opportunities for Africa countries; who must consciously wish to use the current challenges to redefine and restructure their Information Technology Infrastructure; as well as human capacity building in the mastery of Software Engineering and Development. Nigeria should be encouraged to focus her attention on efficient NII, Intelligent Systems, National IT Database, e-Government; High Technology Skill Sets, Digital workforce, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity.







The world of tomorrow will be hugely different and complex. Indeed, we will all be destined to compete in the emerging knowledge Olympiad – often referenced as “Information Society”.





A word we are told is enough for the wise. Nigeria be bold, beware, lead Africa, and follow the Rainbow!

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Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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