Technology Eduplaytion and Eduplayment – Chris Uwaje

Technology Eduplaytion and Eduplayment – Chris Uwaje

Call to order? Eduplaytion is a strategic part of the knowledge economy. If we fail to recondition and respect the essential building blocks of our technology mediated and digital knowledge world, we disobey and contribute to the rapid destruction of the evolutionary move of humanity.


Alas, technology is moving education to eduplaytion with eduplayment processes! Life is incomplete without learn and play module. Also, learning is now incomplete without the tech playbook, without creativity, innovative thinking, without music, without love, without tears; smiles, truth, empathy, instincts, fear, pain, and the audacity of hope. All these elements and more constitute the building blocks of the new processes in our life-game – classified as eduplaytion playbook.



As of April 2020, digital games worldwide generated revenue of $10.54 billion USD (Statista). By December 2020, the world digital game revenue closed at $12.0 USD (Superdata). This represents the highest per annual total ever. No doubt, this was in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many people across the globe to stay at home and look to video gaming as a means of entertainment and learning. Ultimately, this will further fuse with e-learning to fuel work from home; further redefining and reconstructing the complete cycle of new economy.

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Technology Eduplaytion and Eduplayment - Chris Uwaje



Therefore, it is easy to infer that with the new digital world; humanity has set sail for a condensed knowledge adventure. This adventure codenamed Eduplaytion is gradually replacing Education and becoming the new way of learning. It has unarguably become the centrepiece of knowledge acquisition by adopting the Eduplayment management model.  Analysts agree its exponential values reside in both creation of multiple industries, large employment base and acceleration of wealth creation. It holds a multifaceted advantage in knowledge dynamism as a significant contributor to national GDP and sustainable development.




Culture change 


The new normal will certainly beget new social attitude-of-things, redefine mindsets and reclassify knowledge ranking criteria, social class status; as well as distribution of wealth. This may be extremely hard to understand, configure and condense, unless you are, and/or have the mindset of the Millenia. However, this conversation becomes amazingly simple when the building blocks of knowledge are viewed by exploring the mind of a child!



We all agree that the placenta-connect mind of a child is ‘innocent’ until it begins the journey in the playbook of an imaginary life. The mind of the child is the future we seek but do not know! That is one of the hidden complexities of life; whose building blocks are like the first steps of the innocent child we seek to understand.



Technology Eduplaytion and Eduplayment - Chris Uwaje



Eduplayment is a new model of constructive knowledge acquisition and speaks volume of reimagining the world of learning in the 21st Century. Consequently, this presents many new knowledge acquisition challenges with abilities to fundamentally reshuffle the structures, context and content of the emerging information society.



Other consequences of our inaction include but not limited to dismantling and restructuring current social, government, work, class, IP, ownership, edutainment; reward criteria, acquisition standards, governance, justice, security defined equity and national security and sovereign model – beyond our collective imagination.



The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to change the art of learning – transforming Education into Eduplaytion! Eduplayment is the new process of transforming education and managing learning and new learning processes; content, content author and content authoring tools and models into another level through technology digitization. This trend has become the centre of gravity of learning.

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Technology Eduplaytion and Eduplayment - Chris Uwaje




The new knowledge school is what has been branded as Eduplation, providing us with the vehicle to achieve its goals. These Infiniti goals are achieved through the Eduplayment process.  Eduplaytion is therefore, an interplay of deep multi-disciplinary knowledge models. The processes condense knowledge to the continuum of logical simplicity and evidence-based achievements. This makes eduplayment an essential factor of digital transformation.



Today, e-learning course development tools have become a dynamic shift in traditional way of learning. Deep thinking in scientific research has contributed to ensuring that today’s e-and deep learning tools support project-specific instructional strategy; where different tool-types support different interactivities such as Games, Animations, e-quizzes, Lab-centric projects and many more. These strategic thinking knowledge blocks are inevitable requirements for the future of work (FoW).


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The economic sense and justification in deploying active eduplaytion and eduplament agenda for Nigeria is its proven ability to refocus the mind, invigorate and transform the youth creativity and employment ecosystem. It can create and further generate many millions of inter-connect employment avenues. Furthermore, these shifts require critical interactive features for proactive learning content. Therefore, the essential provision of interactive elements such as enabling infrastructure, dialogue simulations video lectures and screencast; quizzes as well as innovation hub clusters should be actively promoted and supported.



Our tech development ecosystem should now make a bold shift from Website design to digital games production design; graphic animation, IoT, 3D and AI enabled Cartoons and many more.



Nigeria your future. Digital games can make or mar your destiny. Create them as your best armour for national security and survivability. Please, do not blow this golden chance!

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