Technology re-defining Nigeria/Africa, post COVID-19 – Chris Uwaje

Technology re-defining Nigeria/Africa, post COVID-19 – Chris Uwaje

Seriously x One million? A time comes in the life of a nation and indeed a continent when the ground-breaking Comet of thought arrives to usher in a significant moment in History. This is our moment of history. Technology has arrived to fire our minds and treasure Nigeria’s – Nay, Africa’s moment of history; emphatically commanding her to see the light of survivability, glowing out of the tunnel of global cacophony.


And the thoughtful voice said; “Verily, verily I say unto you, here comes your moment to wake up and take the world you originated; or digitally lose it forever!” (Perish).


Take this lighting rod as your true guide.


Indeed, at a time like this, when strolling to the moon has become a ritual enabled by technology; our minds are vigorously challenged to plunge deeper into the knowledge adventure.


This is the tipping point of history.


There are no more excuses for failure in Africa’s pursuit for technology-enabled and factual development.


Seriously x One million! Is there any equation like that?


Yes, mathematically interpreted, it simply translates to; ‘Nigeria/Africa must seriously in the coefficient of one million times per nanosecond rethink the life we live; the future we anticipate, foresee and aspire, the dreams we must be ready to die for; the visions we harbour, the friends we keep, the enemies we fight; as well as the missions we pursue and the strategies we apply to productively accomplish them for our collective survivability.



The ability to think ‘seriously x one million-fold’ will not only create many millions of employments for African youths; but would exponentially multiply the economic advantages and wealth production of the continent.




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Over the years, the true meaning of technology has been grossly misunderstood and often recklessly misinterpreted; especially by Africans who view technology from the finished products angle.


This mind-set only leads to one axiom – consumption!  The implications are many, but essentially blinds us to scientific thinking and creativity and critical knowledge adventure; essentially necessary for manufacturing and innovation.


But in real life, applying the principle of thinking without the box, technology should be defined and seen as ‘Man’.


Therefore, our thinking premise and focus should concentrate on the human element as the most important engine for advancing; ‘the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes of development, at all levels.’



 That it is now the time to start re-moulding humanity in the African man-child; applying long-time attainment strategies to deliver Moon-shot breakthroughs.



Fact is: The knowledge-centric economic storm is here. In other words, it means we must collectively and seriously x one million times rethink our world without the box and vigorously work for its attainment.




Technology re-defining Nigeria/Africa, post COVID-19 - Chris Uwaje




The time to strategically redefine Nigeria/Africa is NOW.



However, the key to that enviable future resides in the mastery of technology for unlocking the secret to our freedom and sustain the audacity of hope for our people.


Africa must digitally redefine herself scientifically and technologically.


Therefore, going forward, in the long term, Africa must watch out for the looming technology Tsunami; vigorously propelled by the Software-of-Things (SoT) and Software of Things-to-Thing (ST2T) and look beyond AI. Software, for instance, has become the most beneficial knowledge tool, solutions and miraculously, also qualifies as perhaps; the most dangerous application in our technology driven world!



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Technology as the mind-control master? The principle of creating digital citizens of the future should be anchored on digital parenting; focused on relevant and indigenous (cultural) content creation.




Technology re-defining Nigeria/Africa, post COVID-19 - Chris Uwaje



Redefining Africa does not negate the concept of the pursuit of Science and Technology for survival. Rather, it advocates and pursues intensive and constructive research in science and technology that primarily benefit Africa; as well as the world at large.


The ubiquitous nature of technology has overwhelming power and has gradually started to control the minds of African children. This pervasiveness invites us to note that it can also somersault Africa’s future development agenda.


Indeed, it is a gross misconception for Africa to assume development is when foreign forces are invited to till her land; build her hospitals, power infrastructure, medically treat her people, teach her children how to read and write; grant her loans to fuel corruption, mine her gold as take away, explore and export her Crude Oil; Gas, uranium and mineral resources, only to import toothpick to Africa to sharpen her consumerism.

Then, take away her most gifted and brilliant minds and ship them abroad, supply guns, armoury, bombs, fighter jets; and chemical weapons to the continent to fight and kill themselves. All the above sound like musical soliloquy from the world of mirage and orchestrated illusions!


Africa, wake up, unite and act consciously x one million.



Technology re-defining Nigeria/Africa, post COVID-19 - Chris Uwaje




Unless we restructure the thinking mind-model of the Africa child, making it scientifically stable, technologically creative, analytic, and responsive; the second coming of the old rapture (information control enslavement) may be peeping at our windows; becoming very difficult to align to independent chosen visions and content. If we must build the technology capacities for sustainable economic development in Africa; we must earn achievements with dedication to knowledge acquisition processes. This tasks us to build reliable capacities for digital Sociologists, Psychologists and digital scientists as a strategic intervention plan; going forward.



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The new world order is called Technology density. And the engine room is Software.


Africa should apply the magical advantages of Software to escape the future digital torture chamber; whose cloud is ferociously accumulating for a monumental flood.


As the digital storm builds up, this is the time for Africa to salvage her future by fully engaging; building skill capacities and deploying many millions of her youth in Software Engineering, Development and Innovation Research.


Therefore, it is instructive to note that total dependence on ownership and IP of foreign Software Systems; as well as related solutions can have traumatic effects on the cultural, knowledge, economic and social development of Africa.

We must not fail. So, help us God.

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