Tee Mac reveals 80% of Nigerian artistes are illiterates

Tee Mac reveals 80% of Nigerian artistes are illiterates


In a recent interview, Nigerian flutist Tee Mac Omatshola stated that 80% of Nigerian artistes are illiterates.


Tee Mac mentioned that several artistes no longer take education seriously. Further, he dared the current coterie of artistes to develop their music skills and songwriting prowess. He berated their zeal and purpose as balderdash.


Here is what he said during the interview.

“In the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, musicians were hard working. They had bands. Before you could get a record deal, you had your full album rehearsed because studio time was expensive. We were touring. There were so many bands and my first band was Tee Mac and the Afro Collection.”


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Tee Mac whose real name is Omatshola Iseli further spoke about how the use of the internet and computer has made artistes lackadaisical. He mentioned that during his heydays, himself and his contemporaries had to compose songs from the depth of their soul.


During the session, he admonished the new generation of artistes to study music and its rudiments.



He said;

“Since the age of computers and the Internet, music has become different, more commercial and not as serious anymore. 80 per cent of musicians we have today are music illiterates.


“They don’t bother to study music. In fact, they don’t know what key they are singing on; they don’t train their voices, and I must say I am not satisfied with the quality of what is being produced, because if you listen to the elders, they are evergreens.”


During the concluding part of the session, the veteran flutist condemned the ongoing style of music in the country. He called it trash.

He said, ‘I call the music they are doing now Naija trash. It is ‘pokripo rythym’. There is no harmony or melody; just one chord kind of thing and that is what they call music.’

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