Temmie Ovwasa: No heterosexual relationship is stable

Temmie Ovwasa: No heterosexual relationship is stable

Nigerian recording artiste, Temmie Ovwasa has taken a swipe at people in heterosexual relationships once once again.


For the umpteenth time, the former YBNL artiste as well as openly gay musician disclosed her disgust at people who are in traditional relationships.


She mentioned that most heterosexuals are mentally unstable; she likewise went on to state that most people who are dating the opposite sex are broken; and are also pretenders.


Here is what Temmie Ovwasa mentioned on social media;

Is there a blueprint for a mentally healthy/stable Nigerian/Nigerian relationship?

I’d like to meet Nigerians that are aware of their trauma, the root cause, aware enough to admit that we’re mad…

Lmao, Y’all are such pretenders and it’s not cute; Something is broken inside Us!”


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A couple of months ago, Temmie published an article pertaining to her sexual orientation.


She came out as a lesbian; the songstress did not stop there, she also went on to speak on the turbulence; as well as discrimination that gay people go through in the music industry.


Here is what she published;

“Someone once said that I was signed to YBNL because I’m the girl everyone is fucking,

I was 19, Queer af and just excited to be in the closet.
Had to deal with answering stupid questions about men and my sexuality on live TV.
While my male counterparts were focusing on the music.

The misogyny in the music industry breaks me!!
The fact that it’s normalized fucks with my head.
Next time you listen to the radio take note of how many Female artists have their songs played.
One day I’ll be talking my shit, Not today tho…

Today we masturbate and drink wine.”

In conclusion, she wrote;

“I still get referred to as “that girl they signed”
Let me tell you about the “one woman spot”, it is no privilege, your life is not an audition!
None of those men had/have anything on me.
But we thank God for the patriarchal privilege and bored people who are easily impressed,” she tweeted.

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