Temmie Ovwasa reveals why male celebrities infuriate her

Temmie Ovwasa reveals why male celebrities infuriate her

Renowned Nigerian lesbian and recording artiste, Temmie Ovwasa has disclosed why she does not respect most Nigerian male entertainers.


She made this known on her Twitter platform during the early hours of Tuesday, June 15.


The former YBNL artiste wrote;

“I don’t rate Nigerian male icons,
Most of these men got away with emotional; physical & sexual abuse because women then were too scared to speak,
History is repeating itself daily with your favorites.
When I talk to older Nigerian women I’m enraged, but it’s not my story to tell.”


She continued;

“I’m not like other men”
“I’m not a rapist”
“Not all men”


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Temmie Ovwasa spoke about the elements of men being pedophiles in the latter part of the thread.


She continued;

But you started Having sex with your girlfriend when she was a minor
You’ve cat called,
As a matter of fact, you’ve made a woman uncomfortable by being too close even after she asked you to stop,
You’ve used coercion to get laid.

When I was in Uni; I was told that I couldn’t run for SUG president because I’m a woman,
What actually bleeps with my mind is that I have not met one man in this country that’s emotionally or intellectually capable of inclusivity, Not one.”


The concluding part of her tread reads;

“LoGeEkA genDa”
But na so so fight.

We live in a world where a man will sexually abuse you and get a statue after he dies.

But you will get public ridicule and cptsd.
From the headless statues to the ones with agbada…

Suck my dick from the great beyond.”

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