Teni set to release debut album, Wondaland on Friday

Teni set to release debut album, Wondaland on Friday

Nigerian recording songstress, Teni Apata has announced that her debut studio album will be released on Friday, March 19.


Her studio album, Wondaland will feature heavyweights such as Davido and her sister, Ninola Apata.


Teni made the announcement a couple of weeks back.


On her debut album, Wondaland, which is set to drop on Friday, March 19, 2021, Teni has a song titled, ‘Dad’s Song.’



Davido is also the only feature on the album which sees Teni speak about acceptance and mental health.


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Speaking about her mental health, she says, “Oh yes. See, I don’t even joke with my mental health. Anything that starts to give me negative vibes, I step away from it. I take time. I move away.

You understand? I don’t accommodate negativity, because you have to understand, the fans are your fans.

“They love you. But to love them back, you have to love yourself and you have to be in the right mind frame. So when I’m not feeling the energy, I just step away, take care of myself and come back.”




She also says, “So for ‘Dad’s Song,’ it was only right to respect the man that brought me to the world. In Yoruba we’d say [Yoruba language], which means that he brought me to the world and he didn’t just bring me, he cared for me, he made sure that my future was set.

“He worked hard, built a legacy, and even in death, I was still very much lucky, I could still go to school. […] It was only right to respect such a man that thought of me even before I was born, and planned for my future even before I was born. So it was only right to respect the man and sing a song to him, letting him know that everything I do is for him.”

On why she only has one feature, she says, “It’s my debut album and I really wanted to be selfish. On my next project you’re definitely going to hear a lot of collaborations. But on this one, I handcrafted each music. I just wanted it to be me. I wanted my fans that have waited for this long to hear me.”



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