Tension in Rivers State University as lecturers allegedly cut off student’s hair

Tension in Rivers State University as lecturers allegedly cut off student’s hair

There has been outrage from several quarters following a viral video that showed some lecturers of Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, using scissors on a female student.


The incident was said to have taken place on Thursday at the Faculty of Law.


In the video obtained by our correspondent, the lecturers, who were identified as Blessing Timothy (female) and Melford Itari (male), were seen forcibly trying to cut the hair of the female student, identified simply as Princess Amadi.


The male lecturer was holding her down while the female lecturer was using scissors on her.

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In her reaction, Amadi narrated her ordeal, revealing that she was humiliated and highly embarrassed by the lecturers.


“It happened on Thursday at 11 am.  They were going round for sensitization on dress code. I was leaving my class and she (Timothy) called me to where she was.


”She started asking me: ‘What’s wrong with your dressing?’ ‘My bag?’ I replied. ‘Your bag is not my issue,’ she answered. ‘I asked her, what?’ ‘Are you asking me?’ She replied, turning to ask her colleague, ‘tell this girl what is wrong with her dressing. ‘ ‘Your hair, the colleague said. ‘My hair?’ I turned around saying ‘my hair is not long.’


“What do you mean by that? Is this the approved colour of hair?’’ Amadi quoted the lecturer to have asked.

However, the student noted that she, like other students, had been coming to the school with the hair; noting that brown attachment had always been used in the school even since the last semester.


She noted that the lecturer flared up because she (Amadi) was responding to her; saying she was very stubborn.


“You’re trying to show that you’re very stubborn,’’ she quoted the lecturer to have said.


Further, she revealed that the lecturers insisted that even if her father was the governor; they would still have her hair cut.


She narrated how she was pinned down by the male lecturer, Itari, while the female lecturer, Timothy, cut her hair.


In the video, it was seen how Amadi struggled with the two lecturers, while also trying to avoid being injured by the sharp object.

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