The 2nd, sorry, 4th coming of the Saviour by Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

The 2nd, sorry, 4th coming of the Saviour by Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Utopia is knocking on the door carrying a broom.

Jagaban, a known symbol of everything that is free and fair, is its forerunner. And while he would have loved to have been the one foretold by the prophets, he is but a vehicle preparing the way. The saviour is everything we expected…well save for his age but then when you have a halo round your head, a day is like a thousand something and a thousand something is like a day.


The saviour is making big promises, he can afford the largesse, after all the earth and its fullness thereof belong to his benefactors. The people are thirsty and hungry and have waited from time of old for him. Well, that is not completely true, he did get his big coming when he was younger and though he thinks he did a very good job considering the fact that he forcefully snatched the platform (sometimes the people do not know they need to be saved, so if you care for them, you have to step in and take charge.) the people did not think much of his short-lived reign.


He has no apologies, sometimes people need tough love and it was an unpleasant job but he did what he had to do. His arch-enemy, the gap toothed devil himself did to him what he did to the ‘long’ capped one. And then the messiah disappeared into the wilderness to resurface in 2003 but lo it was not the appointed time. Perhaps 2007? Nope, the chakras get mixed up sometimes and even the son of god can misread the stars or the palms or whatever they do to know the future. So 3rd time’s a charm or… not, even with the servant of God by his side.


Finally the 4th time is the right time. It could not have been better. The air is rife with suffering and the ground is saturated with blood. The sun, moon and stars are finally aligned and the ‘harvest’ is ripe. The chosen one does not need to speak for long before the people respond. His right hand man, a smooth talking lawyer and also a well known stooge of the forerunner is perfect for the job. His crusade manager, aka Peter decampee from the other sect was born for the job. So many other men from the other evil sect ‘saw’ the light. Timing, I insist, is everything.

The words bandied to the people year after year did not change, but the people cannot see that. They barely remember his first coming and what it was like. Anyone who dared to ask questions was against his great plans for emancipation. And because history is hard to erase, it is said that our saviour is ‘transfigured’ and ‘converted’ and the most common one ‘changed’

The people make me weep. The years spent crawling in the desert seeking an oasis is producing very real mirages. The time is coming, the people will finally see. Will it be too late?

You do know what happens to saviours right? But, on the bright side, they do get public holidays.

Ask Martin Luther King!!!

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