The BBC’s New ‘Wonderland’ Christmas Ad Is Dividing Parents (VIDEO)

The BBC’s New ‘Wonderland’ Christmas Ad Is Dividing Parents (VIDEO)

It wouldn’t be Christmas without controversy, and BBC1 has found itself in seasonal hot water with many mums following the launch of its festive 2018 advert.


The two-minute film, titled ‘Wonderland’, shows a busy working mother struggling to coordinate getting her kids to school and getting herself into the office one dark winter’s morning.


In a scene that will be familiar to scores of parents, she rushes around, frantically looking for her keys, only to be waylaid by a painful dose of maternal guilt – a text message from her teenage son, asking her if she’s going to be able to spend time with him that evening.

The look on her face, before she’s even got out of the front door, says it all.


And as the film goes on, set to the mournful tones of Emmy the Great’s ‘Lost in You’ – which gives it the air of a John Lewis Christmas ad – the mother freezes time so that she can get home to take her son to the arcades.


If only real life were that simple. We asked mothers for their thoughts on the ad. Some admitted it moved them to tears – while others blasted the Beeb for placing the pressure for pastoral care squarely on the shoulders of women. Read more






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