The future world of 0s & 1s: AI, Robots and Algorithms – Chris Uwaje

The future world of 0s & 1s: AI, Robots and Algorithms – Chris Uwaje




01001100011000110000101010010001010100001001010101001000100101001001010100101001010100101. Can you decode the above Future-of-digital-Things (FodT) as Robots, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms take over our world? Oh, it’s already happening in real-life at the nano scale.


The Robots and Blockchain-secured system takeover will be more prominent in about 10 years from now and delivers concentrated maturity by 2030. The perceived future of quantum computing controlled by AI-enabled Robots are indeed here sooner than earlier predictions. The accelerated advancement in Robotics technologies and Algorithms are so breathtaking and challenges our abilities to criminalize their description and functionalities! I can’t wait until zeros and ones digitally take over the world and turn things anew!



Available research from the ‘Future-Tech-Of-Things reveals that the emerging technologies promise to reimagine a new world; with the power to redefine life, remodel civilization at the speed-of-space, rewrite the law books, eliminate lawyers (?), wrong the right; ridicule racism, unearth the audacity and brain value of women, enable people with disability, shame ridiculous politics; redistribute wealth, prolong life expectancy, take humanity into a new world of innovative philosophy to meet with the likes of Plato; Aristotle, Archimedes, Einstein, etc, – sitting at the table in a yet to be discovered planet.



Indeed, awaiting us is a new world of limitless vision, opportunities, and accomplished missions with Robots as the dependable partner. Available evidence suggest that AI-driven Robots would be capable to pierce through and put together the realities of history of Mankind. This would be done through analytics combinations of multidimensional data from the spiderweb of biological, geological, archaeological, chemical, physical, neurological; emotional intelligence, terrestrial and associated data existing at infinitely unimaginable levels.

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From the above equation, it is now clear that AI-Robots and Blockchain verified Solutions have not just taken over; but will completely transform the world we live in as well as the future Space experience of Mankind. Therefore, if you think that the Startup and innovative space is currently congested and filled-up, think again. The Startup and innovation trajectories have just started! The digital transformation landscape would be complex and take hostages.




Nations, Citizenship, Healthcare, Education, Shelter, Entertainment, Food culture, Art, Crime, Relationships, Love, Thought-processes, Design and Business models, Trade and Commerce; Consumption patterns, Concept of Technology, Time, Merits, Qualification’s insignia and interpretations, Hero, Conquerors; as well as all other endless options are on the dynamic table of change induced by AI/Robotics.



Needless to state that Robots will assemble, build, and manage future houses, industries (prefab). Let us not forget future Robots as Army Generals and Commanders, CEO, Teachers, Surgeons, Judges, Lawyers, Journalists, Broadcasters, Movie lead actors; Songwriters, Singers, Baby sitters, Cooks, Industry and Home Security Guards, and many other endless occupations! So, what will humans be doing?



Simple: Infinite adventures – exploring, creating innovating in the billions of Stars and planetary objects up there. The mixture of Science-Technoloy-and-Economy has always spurred human development – both in the good and ugly dimensions; as informed by the emergence of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima. By extension, it goes a long way to recognize the fundamental role of Government to foster, facilitate and fund STEM for national development.


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Understanding, conscious control and deployment of Algorithm as key to master the challenges of digital transformation, will play a crucial role in an AI-robot-enabled Big-Data world. Perhaps, the best way to understand the functionalities of Robots is to present an equation to arrive at what the future holds; especially in your personal life trajectory. This can be done by adopting a procedure for solving a mathematical problem in a finite number of challenges; applying steps that frequently involves repetition of a specific but common operation.

The power and advantages of the emerging world of AI and the dynamic functionalities of algorithms are so profound; but currently underestimated by anti-science minds. Therefore, it is instructive to ensure that you don’t just imagine it. It is already happening! Indeed, the digital platform Servers are an intangible part of your current CEO. But your anticipated new CEO of the future will be different and brain tasking!


AI is repositioning the game plan in the entire digital Ecosystem. Now the takeover would be complete, when next you arrive at your physical place of work (whatever and wherever that means in the future-of-Things) and meet your new CEO who is indeed a robot. The first voice message and handshake from it/him/her will be:

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‘Hi, Madam Best, good morning, sure you had a smooth ride in spite of the heavy rain? Never mind, the rainforest is executing part of her earthly duty. By the way, I am Roboteck, your new CEO. I am sure you are aware that Dr. Gohome retired yesterday – precisely at 11.32.01 am; as announced and posted to your mailbox. Nothing to worry about continuity. I have loaded all his Database from the day he was born to date! 


 I am made of reliable algorithm. Also, I have memorised and possess his Data on childhood, education, and work history – growing-up on Planet Earth. I mean, my forensic chip has memorised and stored everything digital about him. All his childhood, work experiences, family history and business networks are all saved in my brain and does not require any oversight for accurate performance. In fact, I have been acquainted with all your biodata and many more; including all you have done in, with and for the company in the past 25 years.  


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Your first Desktop Computer was built by ZINOX and purchased at TD. And now, you shop with Konga as your preferred e-Commerce Platform. And as Konga prepares to set up shop in Space on the s-Commerce Platform, I will replicate your data in Space! Trust me, this is the time to be alive and witness the remarkable change in our collective Universe.  


Welcome to the New-Normal. And please be aware, ‘we haven’t seen nothing yet. Yes, we anticipate new Pandemics. But do not worry, Konga Health has registered you and will cover your health insurance for the next 50 years; due to improvements in human life expectancy and layers of New Normal – going forward’! 



The future world of 0s & 1s: AI, Robots and Algorithms - Chris Uwaje


‘Oh, lest I forget, I am really wired not to forget anything. But sometimes, just as humans (I mean you human beings), you forget only to remember many days or years after. Whereas I am Cloud-based and programmed to rearrange when my narratives go off band beyond my algorithmic-conditioned line-of-thought!  


The beauty of getting out of bounds with my narratives is that I am equipped with the storage senses to save new thoughts – which one day, my designer wouldn’t be able to figure out where I am coming from. So, as I was saying, I really know much more about you (from the day you were born, to date) than perhaps you know yourself. For example, you have three email accounts on Google, AoL and Facebook. You also chat a lot with your friends and acquaintances on Instagram, Tik-Tok and WhatsApp.   


All your Online visits, pictures and activities in the past 15 years are stored in my brain. Your Data is especially important for the platform to keep on making money. That is how I know the details of your grandfather, your grandmother your father, your mother; as well as all your siblings. Indeed, I know when you met your loving boy-friend – now husband; his relations, and details of all your four (4) Children!  


Trust me, your husband has no children out of wedlock. This is confidential. I checked the DNA Database on him. Please, do not forget that with the new digital law released 21 Nanoseconds ago, I can be sued and put out of performance and circulation for a long time. This is in continuance of the Ethics to maintain digital human rights – whatever that means – is left for future generations to settle; with Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm, and Blockchain-enabled Robots.  


Welcome to the Future-Tech-of-Things.

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