The PantaLunacy of our identity predicament – Viola Okolie

The PantaLunacy of our identity predicament – Viola Okolie


Your identity is not just a summary of who you are as seen by others around you. It is a database of what makes up the individual – their physical and financial life, social and spending habits, potential and threats.


This is one reason why people guard their identities jealously and can go to any length to prevent sensitive identity-linked information getting into the wrong hands – except of course if you are a Nigerian in which case your identity is supposed to be in the wrong hands.


And you are sunk.


Case in point? During the #EndSARS protests, one wondered how the government had access to the financial information of the spearheads of the protest. Why were their bank accounts getting frozen, some of them disappearing without a trace; while others raised alarm at van-loads of strangely-clad, muscle-bound men suddenly appearing on their doorsteps?


Information. Identity linked information.  



The PantaLunacy of our identity predicament – Viola Okolie



For a government that was yet to locate the whereabouts of the notorious Fulani herdsmen who released videos of their victims; made phone calls to request for bounties and ransoms, and were obviously connected to some radio system or the other; with which they communicated and shared information? Ditto the terrorists ravaging a greater part of Northern Nigeria.



All communicating, all running things, all living their best life yet untraceable.



At least, according to what we have now discovered is the Jihadist head of the nation’s Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.


Let me break his portfolio down into bite sized pieces. This man is in charge of how the entirety of Nigerians communicate; as well as what happens within the Nigerian cyberspace. So far, his major achievements have been using the instruments of his office to wage a war against Nigerian youths; who were simply asking not to be murdered by their own police force. He is also forcing Nigerians to link more of their personal and private lives to the means through which they can be traced – their communication media.



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And the man coordinating all of this, is a jihadist.



The PantaLunacy of our identity predicament – Viola Okolie



In a multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society like Nigeria; the person who wants you all to put your information at his ready disposal, is someone who believes in forceful religious conversion. He believes that if you do not believe in the same god as he does; do not worship the way he does, then you deserve to be violently hunted down and violently separated from the living. His heroes, the type he worships so gushingly and unabashedly, are villains – some of them of international notoriety.




Notably Osama Bin Laden.




Who in your Minister’s opinion, is the epitome of a “good” Muslim. He thinks Boko Haramists should not be hounded down; even though their major job description is the targeting and wanton murder of innocent citizens.




He weeps with passion when he speaks about violently murdering non-adherents to his faith in large numbers. Now this is mere speculation. But I don’t think he even cares whether they are male or female; old or young. Just round them up and get them to either admit your own religion is the ultimate, or arrange a bloody meeting with their god for them.


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Now, when confronted with this information; this man and his band of PantaLoonies, all singing for their supper, besiege us with all sorts of annoying deflectionary tactics.




First, the whataboutism.



What about your VP Osinbajo!



Hah? Okay, we will bite. What about him?



Well, he is a leader of a violent Pentecostal sect whose major acts of terrorism so far, have been praying in loud voices at extremely importune times; calling the God of Elisha to send down fire to devour their enemies; going on morning cry while the rest of the world is just trying to get into a more comfortable spoon position with their significant other.



By the extrapolation of these PantaLunatics, these are crimes against humanity; equal in magnitude and severity to bombing schools full of children; kidnapping scores of girls from their schools and turning them into sex slaves; bombing churches and markets and other crossed places, and invading communities and pillaging at will.



Then these PantaLooneyTunes who all occupy the same space as we do, now attempt to force you into believing that both jihad and a fatwa are just “mere concepts”; that the fatwa issued on activist Deji Adeyanju’s head is nothing to worry about; just an ordinary invitation by his slightly annoyed yet peaceful jihadist compatriots, to a surprise meeting where he would most likely be separated from his darling head.


Again, remember that jihad and fatwa are just concepts – nothing to be worried about.


The PantaLunacy of our identity predicament – Viola Okolie






Anyway, in the midst of all the frenzy and manipulation by Pantami and his merry bunch of Pantaloonatics; even though we know that this is a government that has embraced murderous terrorists like the Boko Haram with their full chest, is a little bit reluctant to do anything about kidnappers, and makes profuse excuses for Fulani Herdsmen so the likelihood that they endorse Pantami and his radical jihadism is high; we still must say what needs to be said.



Even if it is just for the records.



Pantami is not qualified to be in charge of the information of every Nigerian; which include their bank account details and possible balances, home addresses, states of origin and local governments, as well as details of their identity or other identifying factors.


In a country as diverse as Nigeria; someone who holds the sort of views that Pantami does should not be allowed bear any public office.


In today’s world where people have suffered terribly at the hands of radical fundamentalist religion; it is a sorry commentary on the global status of any country that presents Pantami as a leader of any sort whatsoever.


Therefore, irrespective of the “sifia pain” this will cause the PantaLoonies, we join our voice and our hashtags to say: #PantamiMustResign.



He is not, never was, and never will be qualified to occupy that position.

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